Friday, September 29, 2006

Y is for...

To find out more about WordPlay and the nut that started this insanity! My personal dictionary continues with the Letter Y
  • Yellow - I wear lots of yellow - because my husband thinks it looks good on me. The real reason is because I don't like washing yellow items with anything else or I think they look dingy - so I have to wear lots of them so I have enough for a whole load!
  • YURT - I want a YURT - don't you want a YURT too?
  • Yell - my inside voice
  • Yankee - my husband and kids are Yankees (not Yankee fans - they both like Boston), I however think of myself as someone from Joursey (NJ)
  • Yesterday - I don't know what yesterday will bring because I'm writing this several weeks early - so right now my yesterday is really tomorrows
  • Yoga - I loved doing yoga - now it just seems like starting would be WORK
  • Yodel - something I can't do and shouldn't try to do
  • Yield - interesting concept, something that might be good to teach again in driver's ed classes
  • Yawn - Damn - just typing the word made me do it.

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JulieZS said...

My friend just built a yurt. For her midwife/herbalist business. She's calling it the Healing Hut. She shared pics at each stage, it looks really easy! And very usable at the end. I think it would make a great studio. So, yup, I want a yurt too!