Tuesday, June 27, 2006

M is for ...

Another word play list - 1/2 way through the alphabet!

  • Mother – I aM fortunate that My Mother is still here – Many of My friends lost theirs preMaturely.
  • Morgan – My darling daughter – who I aM still stunned to realize is going into High School next year!
  • Maiden NaMe – Mine is Murphy
  • Murphy’s Law – a law Many of us live by, a TV series that was based on a series of book My father Warren Murphy wrote.
  • Magic – The power to Make iMpossible things happen.
  • Magpie – I believe there is Magpie in My lineage - I love shiny things
  • Magnolia – a sure sign that Spring is alMost here – This year for My birthday ToM planted 2 Magnolia’s one for Me and one for Morgan. Usually these blooM near our birthdays
  • Mail – I used to get a lot of junk Mail and bills in My Mailbox, but since I’ve been online there are all kinds of surprises which Might be in the box – fiber postcards, online fabric orders, new books – Mail is a good thing…
  • Makeup – I don’t really wear any these days, I did once. But Morgan wears enough for both of us. She looks Much better in it than I do
  • Marbles – My grandMother collected old toys her husband had owned a toy distributorship, several years before she died, she sold all of her toys at auction. The iteM we were Most surprised at was a bag of Marbles, originally it sold for 15 cents – I think it went for $700!
  • Maze – I have been dreaMing about Mazes lately. Not a bad scary dreaM but one where I aM planting a Maze.
  • Mercury – I wish I could figure out why when I was a child there was a building which got deliveries of Mercury – soMetiMes the little silver drops would be in the gutter. What the hell would they have had Mercury for?
  • MinuteMan – we have a statue of a MinuteMan in Westport. He is always at the ready for the English.
  • Milk – I love iced cold Milk and could never understand how people on a farM could drink it warM – ick ick ick
  • Model – when I was a child I was a Model, I worked Mostly for Sears but also did work for Magazines and other catalogs
  • Mosquito – Disgusting insect which have no use and never will. I grew up in NJ and I think the Mosquito was the state bird. In CT they aren’t quite as bad, except for the fact that they now carry West Nile Virus
  • Motorcycle – ToM’s love of Harley’s has been rekindled.
  • Music – I coMe froM a pretty Musical faMily – Most can carry a tune and/or play an instruMent – I don’t! My children are also very Musical – I’M so glad they don’t take after Me!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Congratulations Morgan

Last night Morgan had her Moving Up Ceremony at Bedford.
I can't believe she is going into High School.
Here she is with her Dad!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Family Tree

I finished everything except the binding and am very happy with the way it came out - The sky is quilted with 7 shades of PolyNeon thread, the grass and leaves are quilted in Green Rayon and the Tree is quilted in Brown Rayon. If you click on the images I think you can get a pretty good idea of what it looks like. I hadn't shown Tom until tonight - he looked and immediately wanted to know why he wasn't on it - I asked if he saw any of the other spouses - nope - I said this was just my mother's kids and our children. I've thought of another way to quilt this - so when I do one for Tom's mother - I can try doing the full background before adding the tree and leaves.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Family Roses

These photos are from a rose bush, originally started from one planted by Tom's great-Grandfather - approximately 100 years ago. Unfortunately we have had a bit of rain (like everyone else) so a lot of the flowers have fallen. From what I remember they flower for a long time. Tom's grandfather calls this "7-Sisters", but I don't know if that is the name or not.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

L is for...

My Wordplay list - L is for ...

  • Laume - the woman who started this Wordplay list
  • Ladybug - I find it hard to believe that I work with a woman who HATES ladybugs - she said that is because she is from Washington STATE and they bite there - Personally I think she is nuts
  • Ladder - When I first decided to use the loft as my studio there was a short ladder to get up here - a SHAKY SHORT ladder - with the platform about 3 feet from the edge of the loft. you had to stand on top of this shaky ladder and pull yourself up. Getting down wasn't any easier - I painted a half-circle so that you had a place to "Aim your body towards", as you swing your legs around hoping to find the top of the ladder! This ladder sucked! It has been replaced with a rolling ladder/staircase like home Depot uses that I bought when Caldor's went out of business.
  • Lament - Deirdre's Lament is the one I am most familiar with.
  • Lake - Love looking at a lake - My mother lives in The Finger Lakes (top of the middle finger), We go to Lake George for vacation in the summer and in general I love the tranquility of a lake - I still don't want to GO INTO the lake but looking at it is fine. Tom is at Lake George this week for Americade 2006.
  • Laptop - I am thrilled that my laptop has made everything so convenient - nice to look up facts during a movie to prove I'm right or to try and figure out a name or location.
  • Leaves - Autumn in New England has wonderful colored leaves
  • Lemonade - A great summertime drink
  • Library - I spend less time visiting the library now that they are a member of Netlibrary so I can download books to
  • Lilac one of my favorite spring flowers and a scent I like too
  • Lime - very necessary ingredient of a margarita
  • Linguini - my favorite style of pasta
  • Loft - where my studio is
  • Lottery - haven't won it yet
  • Lyme disease - a terrible disease that affects my family
  • Love - life if much better with it
  • Lucky - the way I feel (most times) about marrying my husband
  • Late - one of my common states - not in getting to things, but more with waiting until the LAST possible moment to finish something.
  • Lazy - you say this like its a bad thing?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

K is for

Time for another letter of the Alphabet

K is for

  • Karaoke - something that you will never ever ever hear from me.
  • Katydid - I hate these things, when they shed their skin - my own skin crawls
  • Kayak - Morgan loves using a kayak, I think it might be fun to try but... that would require me getting near the water!
  • Kiln - I have one in my garage - one day it might be wired again
  • Kite - when I was little I remember my father out in a field next to my house, running and running trying to get the kite into the air. Didn't happen - sort of like a Charlie Brown's kite. So Dad being the kind and understanding father - showed me how to burn the kite.
  • Kitten - we were adopted by 2 teeny tiny kittens a few years ago. Shadow and Hunter. Shadow unfortunately has passed on but Hunter is a very good cat - I'm glad they picked out house.
  • Kneel - I spent way too much time praying as a child - I think the Jews have a better idea - No Kneelers
  • Key West - I have only been there one time but loved it - Tom's cousin is living there now - so maybe Morgan and I could sneak a visit for Winter Break.
  • Knit - I taught myself to knit to spite someone who told me it was too difficult. I went out, bought that little green Teach Yourself to Knit book and bought some yarn and a pattern for an Icelandic sweater. I finished the sweater the next week - the bitch who wouldn't show me was still working on the body of her sweater - I left NH a year later and she still wasn't done. Might not be done now for all I know.
  • Knuckle - Morgan cracks hers all the time - I hate that noise
  • Knight - Tom was my Knight of Wands for The Tarot Quilt I made.
  • Kosher - I kept a Kosher kitchen for a while - even did a stint as a Kosher Caterer! Knowledge - we never have enough!
  • Kiwi - Strange fuzzy fruit - tastes pretty good though

Friday, June 09, 2006

Names added to the Tree

I had company today - my friend Timi came for some studio work and lunch. I had Chinese and Timi has Japanese. Pretty good stuff. I wanted to put the names on my Family tree - after many false starts - I realized I had to put the names on before it was quilted - thank god the names were the first part I put on - so it was pretty easy to take the sandwich apart. Anyway - here is a quick peek I'm happy with the say it looks so far. This will be a present for my Mom (Dawn - see the sky fabric) and the names are her children and grandchildren. I think if you click on the photo you should be able to read the names.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family Tree

I started a quilt yesterday - it really shouldn't take too long, because I know what I want to do and the fabrics I'm using are mostly perfect the way they are. This is 18" wide and just over 4 feet tall. But, true to form, I have to wait a little because the DAMN WONDERUNDER will not release. I decided to try and wait overnight like I've heard suggested and IT WORKS - Takes way too long this way but... It is better than screaming. So while I wait for it to gently decide to release from the release paper, I'm off to take Morgan to get a Graduation Dress.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

eBay or Religious Retreat Dilemma?

I am having a "Religious Dilemma" Maybe you can help. I was taking images off my camera this morning and realized that Christ was looking at me. Yup, you heard me right - Jesus has placed himself right in front of me - in my yard. I was focusing on the sprig of grass in front of the rock and he just jumped out! I've added lines for those of you who are not as enlightened as I am. This image is clickable.

So my problem is - Should I open my yard as a stop for Pilgrims who I am sure would be willing to pay a fee - all for the upkeep of the image (of course), or should I attempt to sell Jesus on eBay - after all maybe the Vatican would like to keep him close to them. This is a pretty good size rock, so we might need a crane to get it out of the yard.

Until I hear from you, maybe I'll pray for guidance!

Whoops - I also forgot... J is for JESUS!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

J is for

  • Jacket – I have a lot of Jackets, but I tend to wear one or 2 until they are ragged. Lately I’ve received a few from Chico’s which I adore. One that I must replace soon is my 30 year old Jean Jacket – which is so worn the collar is barely attached!
  • Jeans – Tom’s favorite clothing items
  • Jaguar – if I could have a large wild animal I would love a Jaguar – I love the way they look. Of course if I had the option of the car or the animal I would go with the car!
  • January – I love the month, mostly because of its symbol of being a fresh start – that anything and everything is possible.
  • Jellyfish – I love watching Jellyfish at an aquarium – I took some photos of them that I really loved in California. Click here for more photos apparently Blogger is being a Jerk again and won't let photos post.
  • Jade – a color and stone that I like
  • Job – a necessary evil
  • Julie - my best friend and a very talented woman
  • Joint – I was recently told that Morgan’s Joints are hyper-something (very flexible), so she needs to go to a trainer to see if she needs special exercises to keep them healthy. Tom’s Joints are afflicted with Lyme Disease – a terrible disease.
  • Journal Quilts – A proJect that I was thrilled to participate in and even had a few images accepted in the soon to be published Journal Quilt Book!
  • Journey – they way I am starting to view my life – it seems that the older I get the more I enJoy the Journey.
  • Jump rope – I sucked at double Dutch – and could seldom figure out when to Jump in!
  • Jumper Cables – a necessary tool every motorist in New England should carry
  • Junior High School – Morgan will be saying goodbye soon to hers
  • Junk Food – who me? Eat and actually like the stuff – YUP!
  • Juxtapose – I spend a lot of time doing this to everything – comparing, weighing, evaluating.
  • June – We are starting the month Today
  • July – A month I am very glad to have Central Air

Which X-Men Are You?

Thanks to Deb at Red Shoe Ramblings - I got to "See" which X-man I am
You Are Cyclops
Dedicated and responsible, you will always remain loyal to your cause.You are a commanding leader - after all, you can kill someone just by looking at them. Power: force beams from your eyes
Which of the X-Men Are You?