Tuesday, September 12, 2006

DAT - Abstract

Today's DAT is a small quilt I was making for the Quilting Arts Magazine Challenge. I didn't finish it (or really work on the actual quilt only the photo) until the deadline was passed, but I'm happy that I decided to do it - and like the way it came out. I also really like the zigzagged edge with its irregular shape.

This quilt was also the quilt I was working on in the Simple Still Life. It no longer looks like a tube in a pool but that's ok - its Abstract so it can be anything you want it to be - LOL You can see the tube transformation in the beginning posts. This photo is upside down but the right side up one is on SSL.

I think I will try this on several other quilts I need to bind - I really hate binding quilts!

That being said, last night I bound my Family Tree Quilt - WHOO HOO! Very few WIPS - guess its really time to start the bed quilt.

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