Friday, September 08, 2006

W is for...

Another WordPlay - you can find out more about Laume's WordPlay HERE! I am up to the letter "W" and that makes me VERY VERY HAPPY! W is for...
  • WordPlay - well DUH!
  • Winner - DebR wins because she is going to be the first one finished with this WordPlay
  • Water - I am totally not a water person - this makes it hard on my husband, daughter and son who LOVE the water!
  • Wait - not too good at this I'm afraid
  • Warrior - I think of my husband Tom when I think of the word warrior
  • Waterfall - now even though I don't like water - what I mean to say is I don't like to get in the water or to get wet (Think Elphaba), I do however love to look at water - especially waterfalls
  • Watermelon - I really love watermelon, as a fruit and as part of an umbrella drink!
  • Weatherman - I think they get their information from Oujii boards or pendulums - what do you think?
  • Weave - I really love hand-woven items - and usually can't afford the ones I covet!
  • Weddings - I would love to wish Josie and Jack the best on the start of their Marriage.
  • Webs - Spider webs mesmerize me, but I don't like touching them. The WWW has too much of my attention.
  • Welding - I think at some point I will learn to do some welding, I have a sculpture in mind
  • Wetlands - we have some wetlands on our property and there is a salt marsh in our lower field - one day I hope to put a small studio near it - so I can watch the egrets
  • Whatever... a word Morgan and her friends use a little too often!
  • Whine - I hate this word WAHHHH
  • Wine - now this is a horse of a different color!
  • Windmill - I would love to put modern windmills (wind turbines) on our property. I will always remember the tour on Nantucket of their lighthouse - the guide explained you could use 1, 2 or 4 sheets (fabric blades) on the windmill without a problem, but 3 sheets "to the wind" was BAD, VERY VERY BAD! there is another explanation here.
  • Women - I know some WONDERFUL WOMEN so I think I will end with thoughts of them! (way too many great W-words)

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Ysabeau said...

I finally posted my "L"s, got stuck because it's my initial, I think. I've started M, N, and O, but was stuck on "L"! B*B, Ysabeau