Sunday, September 24, 2006

Swamp Quilt Update

I figured out that I need a quilt 9' x 9' for my bed - this size would lay flat with enough on the sides to drape to the spot I want. This would not count any extra to wrap around the pillows, etc. My block units will be 3' square so basically I need 9 blocks for the bed. I've also decided that I want to make a small throw quilt 9'x3' to go over the pillows we stack on the bed. Currently there are 4 pillows sometimes there are 6, sometimes less). This will require 3 block unit, so I will need a total of an even dozen. I've made enough pieces to make 12 units (I have 3 completed and not in these photos. I also have decided that basically I will quilt this in a 6 foot section (the middle) then after I will add an additional 18" to each edge - this will make it easier for me to quilt - even on the HQ - as I'm limited to 8 feet with the current set up. If you look at these photos taken from floor level and from the loft - the first chair is right above the 3rd unit - its amazing that this doesn't look like it is basically 9 feet from the bottom to the chair but it is. The cat and dog have been moved to a bedroom, so I can try and assemble the sections, then I will get the actual layout figured out. I think the final draft will be easier on my bed.


Laume said...

very pretty. It will look good in your bedroom. You have dark walls in there, yes? Or am I remembering it wrong? For some reason I'm thinking you have periwinkle grayish walls in there. But maybe they're just white and I'm hallucinating. I had imagined you using darker batiks for this quilt, but I think that these lighter colors will look better in that room as it's darker in there, right? Done rambling.

Sarah said...

Wow, Deirdre! I love the colors - this looks fantastic - can't wait to see it done!