Friday, September 29, 2006

Y is for...

To find out more about WordPlay and the nut that started this insanity! My personal dictionary continues with the Letter Y
  • Yellow - I wear lots of yellow - because my husband thinks it looks good on me. The real reason is because I don't like washing yellow items with anything else or I think they look dingy - so I have to wear lots of them so I have enough for a whole load!
  • YURT - I want a YURT - don't you want a YURT too?
  • Yell - my inside voice
  • Yankee - my husband and kids are Yankees (not Yankee fans - they both like Boston), I however think of myself as someone from Joursey (NJ)
  • Yesterday - I don't know what yesterday will bring because I'm writing this several weeks early - so right now my yesterday is really tomorrows
  • Yoga - I loved doing yoga - now it just seems like starting would be WORK
  • Yodel - something I can't do and shouldn't try to do
  • Yield - interesting concept, something that might be good to teach again in driver's ed classes
  • Yawn - Damn - just typing the word made me do it.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Center of the Swamp

Here are the center 6 panels. Next weekend I'll quilt this section, then add the side panels. I have a lot of extra pieces cut out - maybe I'll make shams - NAH - that won't be happening! Dust ruffle?

Swamp Quilt Update

I figured out that I need a quilt 9' x 9' for my bed - this size would lay flat with enough on the sides to drape to the spot I want. This would not count any extra to wrap around the pillows, etc. My block units will be 3' square so basically I need 9 blocks for the bed. I've also decided that I want to make a small throw quilt 9'x3' to go over the pillows we stack on the bed. Currently there are 4 pillows sometimes there are 6, sometimes less). This will require 3 block unit, so I will need a total of an even dozen. I've made enough pieces to make 12 units (I have 3 completed and not in these photos. I also have decided that basically I will quilt this in a 6 foot section (the middle) then after I will add an additional 18" to each edge - this will make it easier for me to quilt - even on the HQ - as I'm limited to 8 feet with the current set up. If you look at these photos taken from floor level and from the loft - the first chair is right above the 3rd unit - its amazing that this doesn't look like it is basically 9 feet from the bottom to the chair but it is. The cat and dog have been moved to a bedroom, so I can try and assemble the sections, then I will get the actual layout figured out. I think the final draft will be easier on my bed.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


don't scroll down if you are squeamish about spiders - But can anyone tell me what this is? The web is around 5 feet across and was built yesterday - I saw it last night for the first time and Tom went onto the porch yesterday morning. I took the "sleeping" photo this morning and the rest were taken a few minutes ago - This thing is frigging scary!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Guild meeting and quilting

Last night was Guild night for Northern Star Quilters. I was excited to get back after the break - last night was a really full house and Karen Stone had a great audience. She brought a trunk show and slides and her style was relaxed and funny. Sorry I'm missing the class today but that pesky thing called work, demanded my attention today. I bought show and tell, which normally I don't do but it was fun to share the family tree quilt, the BaggO sCrap made from Marion's stuff and the large Phoenix. By the time I ate dinner after getting home it was after 11 - way too late for me, but still a good way to spend the night. This morning after getting ready for work, I decided to work on the bedquilt for a little bit. I have 15 original blocks from the Swamp Swap - and I've decided to replace some of my larger 12" solid squares with the smaller Swamp blocks I have. I also now have no place to lay it out = so from now on all photos will have to be taken on the bed. Here is block #3.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Show of Hands

Hoping to add some beading, but mostly finished - To find out more about Karey's Show of Hands and send a hand to hang in Houston!

2 Swamp blocks

Last night I decided to cut up a bunch more fabric and join some to make sections - then this morning before work I added another completed block to the wall - so right now it's 6x3 (feet)! Here they are pinned together - I am not going to have anywhere to hang these when I get another block done! I guess I'll have to lay them on the bed. You can also see one of the original size Swamp Blocks pinned up beside my 2 blocks!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I need a quilt for my bed!

Just because I quilt, doesn't mean I have a bunch of bed quilts in my house - yes there are a few ugly utilitarian ones that I've made but so far I've neglected to make a bed quilt for anyone except my mother, and she doesn't live here, so it doesn't count! Morgan and I put one together for her room, she picked out the colors and before it was finished, she decided to change her color scheme - so that one is sitting around assembled waiting for quilting (and a place to put it). So I've decided to put together a quilt for my bed - my first thought was to use Dianne Hire's, "Come Play with Me" class. I've taken the class - it was fun - it should be fast and I only need a king size - well its not really fast because although it seems like just grab and sew - there were too many decisions to make... I like the way the blocks are coming out, but don't have the patience to make a king sized quilt ---so my next thought...

Is to throw a bunch of batiks on the bed and see if I really hate them - or more importantly if Tom really hates them - he isn't jumping for joy but he can live with them. Now to pick a pattern that is relatively fast and something I like...

One of the groups I belong to has a block they call a SWAMP block. Normally these are made in 12" blocks and they are fun - so lets see - if I enlarge it 3x then I only need 9 to 12 blocks (I want to have a flip over for the pillows). Here is my first block - I've very pleased with it - and it took less than an hour to cut and sew. I know I have lots of the Orange/Pink batiks - and I might need to buy a few 1/2 yard pieces of a few darker colors... But - I think this might work AND be FAST!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DAT - Maple Canopy

Another Fall photo, printed on fabric and thread painted, with a few sheer leaves thrown in for texture.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

X is for...

Laume's Wordplay is winding down... this is good because "X" is tough - but here is my list... Xmas who needs more than that!

DAT - Abstract

Today's DAT is a small quilt I was making for the Quilting Arts Magazine Challenge. I didn't finish it (or really work on the actual quilt only the photo) until the deadline was passed, but I'm happy that I decided to do it - and like the way it came out. I also really like the zigzagged edge with its irregular shape.

This quilt was also the quilt I was working on in the Simple Still Life. It no longer looks like a tube in a pool but that's ok - its Abstract so it can be anything you want it to be - LOL You can see the tube transformation in the beginning posts. This photo is upside down but the right side up one is on SSL.

I think I will try this on several other quilts I need to bind - I really hate binding quilts!

That being said, last night I bound my Family Tree Quilt - WHOO HOO! Very few WIPS - guess its really time to start the bed quilt.

Monday, September 11, 2006

DAT - Reflections

Today's DAT is a postcard I made from one of my photographs taken last Fall. This card has metallic threads reflecting the trees off the river.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

BaggO sCrap

A long time ago, in a distant yahoo group - we had a swap/challenge - similar to the one on the QA list. Basically you bag up a tyvek bag of scraps and send them to a central location (me), then you are sent a bag of scraps and you make something - eventually the scraps and the quilt/something make their way back to the original owner. Our first round went very well, the 2nd round went not so well. I swapped these bag without looking at the contents. One bag was sent to someone and the contents totally freaked her . So after deciding she could not do it justice - she sent it back to me - I have to say that I also freaked when I looked at the contents - now I know/knew who they belonged to (Marion) but it was still a challenge. This is one of the first weekends I've had time to spend in the studio - really working so I wanted to work on it. Here are my attempts with Marion's baggO sCrap. I hope she likes it!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Birthday Wishes & Birthday Suits

I know a few people who are having a birthday today. A milestone for my SIL celebrating her 50th and several other friends having regular Cake & Ice Cream style days. But this year they can all celebrate in special Style because... Are you ready... Can you guess... Have you forgotten already? Today is the Second Annual World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD)! That's right, and you don't have to be celebrating the BIG 5-OH to participate. To read more about World Naked Gardening Day visit this website WNGD. Personal Photos are optional, but there are plenty on the website! Happy Birthday - to all of you Celebrating today - and while I'm offering Birthday Wishes, Lisa - any time you want to have your baby would be great - we are all waiting for the phone call!

Friday, September 08, 2006

W is for...

Another WordPlay - you can find out more about Laume's WordPlay HERE! I am up to the letter "W" and that makes me VERY VERY HAPPY! W is for...
  • WordPlay - well DUH!
  • Winner - DebR wins because she is going to be the first one finished with this WordPlay
  • Water - I am totally not a water person - this makes it hard on my husband, daughter and son who LOVE the water!
  • Wait - not too good at this I'm afraid
  • Warrior - I think of my husband Tom when I think of the word warrior
  • Waterfall - now even though I don't like water - what I mean to say is I don't like to get in the water or to get wet (Think Elphaba), I do however love to look at water - especially waterfalls
  • Watermelon - I really love watermelon, as a fruit and as part of an umbrella drink!
  • Weatherman - I think they get their information from Oujii boards or pendulums - what do you think?
  • Weave - I really love hand-woven items - and usually can't afford the ones I covet!
  • Weddings - I would love to wish Josie and Jack the best on the start of their Marriage.
  • Webs - Spider webs mesmerize me, but I don't like touching them. The WWW has too much of my attention.
  • Welding - I think at some point I will learn to do some welding, I have a sculpture in mind
  • Wetlands - we have some wetlands on our property and there is a salt marsh in our lower field - one day I hope to put a small studio near it - so I can watch the egrets
  • Whatever... a word Morgan and her friends use a little too often!
  • Whine - I hate this word WAHHHH
  • Wine - now this is a horse of a different color!
  • Windmill - I would love to put modern windmills (wind turbines) on our property. I will always remember the tour on Nantucket of their lighthouse - the guide explained you could use 1, 2 or 4 sheets (fabric blades) on the windmill without a problem, but 3 sheets "to the wind" was BAD, VERY VERY BAD! there is another explanation here.
  • Women - I know some WONDERFUL WOMEN so I think I will end with thoughts of them! (way too many great W-words)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

$8 Million Coffee Cups!

This past weekend I had to drop off my cell phone at Verizon, they said to come back in an hour, and since Starbucks was just right across the street we (my friend Teri, dd Morgan and I), hurried over. Teri got a triple espresso, Morgan got a Vanilla Bean Frap and I got the seasonal Pumpkin latte. After I paid, we walked to the pick-up counter and I noticed that they had a clearance rack. In it were 2 cups that I liked. I'm slowing replacing all my coffee cups with this style - I like the size and Tom likes the large handles. I went back into the line and when it was time to ring them up the register display said
- $8,117,450.00
The cashier got really flustered when I said I would take that in small bills! She called over the manger who after several tries - pushed the cups across the counter towards me and said, "today they are free - take them". I did mention that I would prefer the cash but neither he nor the cashier looked very happy (it would suck trying to balance that register). But I was thrilled with the free gift of 2 new $8 million Coffee Cups! And you wondered why a latte costs $5!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

V is for ...

Another WordPlay - you can find out more about Laume's WordPlay HERE! I am up to the letter "V" and that makes me VERY VERY HAPPY! V is for...
  • Very - great word I use it a lot
  • Vine - I love vines and one of my favorite funny stories is about a friend who make a ton of vine wreaths and then found out they were POSION IVY - really beautiful but she was kinda a mess for a while.
  • Veal - ick ick ick - eat Chicken - you can't tell the difference
  • Vaccine - I know a lot of people don't believe in them - I am not one of those people.
  • Valentine - Who doesn't smile when you see the heart-shaped box of CHOCOLATE?
  • Vagina - I wonder how many lists will include this word?
  • Vagina Monologues - I loved listening to Eve Ensler's performance
  • Vday - Global movement and series of consciousness-raising events to end violence against girls and women through public performances, education and networking.
  • Vanilla - I love the scent and taste of vanilla
  • Vegetables - I like most but not all (OKRA)
  • Velcro - great invention and fun too !
  • Venison - I don't know why Tom goes hunting every year - when we have 15 deer living in our yard - they don't even walk away until you are an arm's length from them!
  • Violet - does anyone remember those little violet candy things that tasted like SOAP?
  • Vodka - not as good a tequila
  • Voicemail - how did we live without it?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fall TV Premiere Dates

Tidy The TiVo!! AUTUMN BEGINS NOW!!!! All The Premiere Dates!! Premieres by date: Prison Break (Fox) Aug. 21 Vanished (Fox) Aug. 21 Two-A-Days (MTV) Aug. 23 Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO) Aug. 25 Celebrity Duets (Fox) Aug. 29 Million Dollar Listing (Bravo) Aug. 29 Bones (Fox) Aug. 30 Justice (Fox) Aug. 30 Desire (MyNet) Sept. 4 Fashion House (MyNet) Sept. 4 Juvies (MTV) Sept. 4 House (Fox) Sept. 5 Nip/Tuck (FX) Sept. 5 Standoff (Fox) Sept. 5 ‘Til Death (Fox) Sept. 7 Happy Hour (Fox) Sept. 7 Nanny 911 (Fox) Sept. 8 20/20 (ABC) Sept. 8 Cops (Fox) Sept. 9 America’s Most Wanted (Fox) Sept. 9 American Dad (Fox) Sept. 10 Def Comedy Jam (HBO) Sept. 10 Family Guy (Fox) Sept. 10 Simpsons (Fox) Sept. 10 War at Home (Fox) Sept. 10 Wire (HBO) Sept. 10 Dancing With The Stars (ABC) Sept. 12 Men in Trees (ABC) Sept. 12 Survivor (CBS) Sept. 14 The Underground (Sho) Sept. 14 MI:5 (A&E) Sept. 15 Amazing Race (CBS) Sept. 17 Talk Show With Spike Feresten (Fox) Sept. 17 Class (CBS) Sept. 18 CSI: Miami (CBS) Sept. 18 Deal or No Deal (NBC) Sept. 18 How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Sept. 18 New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) Sept. 18 Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBC) Sept. 18 Two and a Half Men (CBS) Sept. 18 Wife Swap (ABC) Sept. 18 Boston Legal (ABC) Sept. 19 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC) Sept. 19 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) Sept. 19 NCIS (CBS) Sept. 19 Smith (CBS) Sept. 19 Unit (CBS) Sept. 19 America’s Next Top Model (CW) Sept. 20 Biggest Loser (NBC) Sept. 20 Criminal Minds (CBS) Sept. 20 CSI: New York (CBS) Sept. 20 Jericho (CBS) Sept. 20 Kidnapped (NBC) Sept. 20 CSI (CBS) Sept. 21 ER (NBC) Sept. 21 Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept. 21 My Name is Earl (NBC) Sept. 21 Office (NBC) Sept. 21 Shark (CBS) Sept. 21 Six Degrees (ABC) Sept. 21 Close to Home (CBS) Sept. 22 Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Sept. 22 Law & Order (NBC) Sept. 22 Numb3rs (CBS) Sept. 22 WWE Smackdown (CW) Sept. 22 Dateline (NBC) Sept. 23 48 Hours Mystery (CBS) Sept. 23 Brothers & Sisters (ABC) Sept. 24 Cold Case (CBS) Sept. 24 Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept. 24 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Sept. 24 60 Minutes (CBS) Sept. 24 Without A Trace Sept. 24 Heroes (NBC) Sept. 25 Runaway (CW) Sept. 25 7th Heaven (CW) Sept. 25 Gilmore Girls (CW) Sept. 26 Help Me Help You (ABC) Sept. 26 One Tree Hill (CW) Sept. 27 Smallville (CW) Sept. 28 upernatural (CW) Sept. 28 TNA Impact! (Spike) Sept. 28 Ugly Betty (ABC) Sept. 28 Doctor Who (SciFi) Sept. 29 All Of Us (CW) Oct. 1 America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) Oct. 1 Campus Ladies (Oxy) Oct. 1 Dexter (Sho) Oct. 1 verybody Hates Chris (CW) Oct. 1 Game (CW) Oct. 1 Girlfriends (CW) Oct. 1 Bachelor (ABC) Oct. 2 House of Carters (E!) Oct. 2 Friday Night Lights (NBC) Oct. 3 Veronica Mars (CW) Oct. 3 Freak Show (CC) Oct. 4 Lost (ABC) Oct. 4 ine (ABC) Oct. 4 South Park (CC) Oct. 4 20 Good Years (NBC) Oct. 4 Drawn Together (CC) Oct. 5 Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Oct. 6 Trading Spouses (Fox) Oct. 6 Bridezillas (WE) Oct. 8 What About Brian (ABC) Oct. 9 I Pity The Fool! (TVLand) Oct. 11 30 Rock (NBC) Oct. 11 Ice T’s Rap School (VH1) Oct. 17 Knights of Prosperity (ABC) Oct. 17 Crossing Jordan (NBC) Oct. 20 Las Vegas (NBC) Oct. 20 Breaking Bonaduce (VH1) Oct. 22 Hogan Knows Best (VH1) Oct. 22 The OC (Fox) Nov. 2 Day Break (ABC) Nov. 15 King of the Hill (Fox) Dec. 3 Art of Betrayal (MyNet) Dec. 4 Supernanny (ABC) Dec. 4 Watch Over Me (MyNet) Dec. 4 According To Jim (ABC) Dec. 6 George Lopez (ABC) Dec. 6 Rome (HBO) Jan. 7 24 (Fox) Jan. 7 The Shield (FX) Jan. 9 American Idol (Fox) Jan. 16 To see Premiere by Alphabet click here

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Minne HaHa

When we were in Lake George Village on vacation, we saw the Minne HaHa Steamboat Paddlewheeler part of the Lake George Steamboat Company. Steamboats arrived on Lake George in 1817. The settlements along the shores of the lake were small, local business was slight and there was a general antipathy towards steamboats as being somehow connected with the Devil. But the success of steam on nearby Lake Champlain was undeniable and probably contagious. From the happy people who got off the boats, I think they weren't as troubled with the Devil as the earlier passengers!

Today's DAT is from the same photo.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Let the DAT begin

Deb from Red Shoe Ramblings has been doing a Daily Art Thang on her blog and she seldom misses a day - even when she is away from the computer, she surprises us with "Make-Up DAT's" when she returns. But lets face it - Deb is more of a Type-A personality than I am. You may have gotten a clue by the fact that I am starting (or going to try and start) doing my very one DAT on September First - not January First! Oh well - I like to start new things in the Fall - Lets all imagine opening up that brand new box of crayola's and instead of grabbing our favorite color - we all sniff in the wonderful smell of NEW CRAYONS! SNIFF... So with a full schedule today - I didn't want to wait until tomorrow and be behind - so my DAT today will be a photo color of the girls on their tubes in Ausable Chasm. The river actual bends here, just in case you thought it was supposed to be straight!

Clickable of course