Friday, September 01, 2006

Let the DAT begin

Deb from Red Shoe Ramblings has been doing a Daily Art Thang on her blog and she seldom misses a day - even when she is away from the computer, she surprises us with "Make-Up DAT's" when she returns. But lets face it - Deb is more of a Type-A personality than I am. You may have gotten a clue by the fact that I am starting (or going to try and start) doing my very one DAT on September First - not January First! Oh well - I like to start new things in the Fall - Lets all imagine opening up that brand new box of crayola's and instead of grabbing our favorite color - we all sniff in the wonderful smell of NEW CRAYONS! SNIFF... So with a full schedule today - I didn't want to wait until tomorrow and be behind - so my DAT today will be a photo color of the girls on their tubes in Ausable Chasm. The river actual bends here, just in case you thought it was supposed to be straight!

Clickable of course

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Deb R said...

Cooooooool DAT!! :-)