Wednesday, September 06, 2006

V is for ...

Another WordPlay - you can find out more about Laume's WordPlay HERE! I am up to the letter "V" and that makes me VERY VERY HAPPY! V is for...
  • Very - great word I use it a lot
  • Vine - I love vines and one of my favorite funny stories is about a friend who make a ton of vine wreaths and then found out they were POSION IVY - really beautiful but she was kinda a mess for a while.
  • Veal - ick ick ick - eat Chicken - you can't tell the difference
  • Vaccine - I know a lot of people don't believe in them - I am not one of those people.
  • Valentine - Who doesn't smile when you see the heart-shaped box of CHOCOLATE?
  • Vagina - I wonder how many lists will include this word?
  • Vagina Monologues - I loved listening to Eve Ensler's performance
  • Vday - Global movement and series of consciousness-raising events to end violence against girls and women through public performances, education and networking.
  • Vanilla - I love the scent and taste of vanilla
  • Vegetables - I like most but not all (OKRA)
  • Velcro - great invention and fun too !
  • Venison - I don't know why Tom goes hunting every year - when we have 15 deer living in our yard - they don't even walk away until you are an arm's length from them!
  • Violet - does anyone remember those little violet candy things that tasted like SOAP?
  • Vodka - not as good a tequila
  • Voicemail - how did we live without it?


Deb R said...

Oh Deirdre....veal SO does NOT taste like chicken. I wish it did because I feel guilty when I eat it, but MAN do I ever love a good plate of veal marsala. Sigh.

Jaye said...

How about Visa? LOL!!!

I hated the Vagina Monologues. I bought them off Audible and simply hated HATED HATED them. UGH. I am glad that you liked them. Prude at heart, I know.