Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Guild meeting and quilting

Last night was Guild night for Northern Star Quilters. I was excited to get back after the break - last night was a really full house and Karen Stone had a great audience. She brought a trunk show and slides and her style was relaxed and funny. Sorry I'm missing the class today but that pesky thing called work, demanded my attention today. I bought show and tell, which normally I don't do but it was fun to share the family tree quilt, the BaggO sCrap made from Marion's stuff and the large Phoenix. By the time I ate dinner after getting home it was after 11 - way too late for me, but still a good way to spend the night. This morning after getting ready for work, I decided to work on the bedquilt for a little bit. I have 15 original blocks from the Swamp Swap - and I've decided to replace some of my larger 12" solid squares with the smaller Swamp blocks I have. I also now have no place to lay it out = so from now on all photos will have to be taken on the bed. Here is block #3.

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martha in ny said...

I Like the mix of small and big blocks and the colors1woo hoo for the colors! Lucky to see Sharon Stone!