Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fall TV Premiere Dates

Tidy The TiVo!! AUTUMN BEGINS NOW!!!! All The Premiere Dates!! Premieres by date: Prison Break (Fox) Aug. 21 Vanished (Fox) Aug. 21 Two-A-Days (MTV) Aug. 23 Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO) Aug. 25 Celebrity Duets (Fox) Aug. 29 Million Dollar Listing (Bravo) Aug. 29 Bones (Fox) Aug. 30 Justice (Fox) Aug. 30 Desire (MyNet) Sept. 4 Fashion House (MyNet) Sept. 4 Juvies (MTV) Sept. 4 House (Fox) Sept. 5 Nip/Tuck (FX) Sept. 5 Standoff (Fox) Sept. 5 ‘Til Death (Fox) Sept. 7 Happy Hour (Fox) Sept. 7 Nanny 911 (Fox) Sept. 8 20/20 (ABC) Sept. 8 Cops (Fox) Sept. 9 America’s Most Wanted (Fox) Sept. 9 American Dad (Fox) Sept. 10 Def Comedy Jam (HBO) Sept. 10 Family Guy (Fox) Sept. 10 Simpsons (Fox) Sept. 10 War at Home (Fox) Sept. 10 Wire (HBO) Sept. 10 Dancing With The Stars (ABC) Sept. 12 Men in Trees (ABC) Sept. 12 Survivor (CBS) Sept. 14 The Underground (Sho) Sept. 14 MI:5 (A&E) Sept. 15 Amazing Race (CBS) Sept. 17 Talk Show With Spike Feresten (Fox) Sept. 17 Class (CBS) Sept. 18 CSI: Miami (CBS) Sept. 18 Deal or No Deal (NBC) Sept. 18 How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Sept. 18 New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS) Sept. 18 Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (NBC) Sept. 18 Two and a Half Men (CBS) Sept. 18 Wife Swap (ABC) Sept. 18 Boston Legal (ABC) Sept. 19 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC) Sept. 19 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC) Sept. 19 NCIS (CBS) Sept. 19 Smith (CBS) Sept. 19 Unit (CBS) Sept. 19 America’s Next Top Model (CW) Sept. 20 Biggest Loser (NBC) Sept. 20 Criminal Minds (CBS) Sept. 20 CSI: New York (CBS) Sept. 20 Jericho (CBS) Sept. 20 Kidnapped (NBC) Sept. 20 CSI (CBS) Sept. 21 ER (NBC) Sept. 21 Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept. 21 My Name is Earl (NBC) Sept. 21 Office (NBC) Sept. 21 Shark (CBS) Sept. 21 Six Degrees (ABC) Sept. 21 Close to Home (CBS) Sept. 22 Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Sept. 22 Law & Order (NBC) Sept. 22 Numb3rs (CBS) Sept. 22 WWE Smackdown (CW) Sept. 22 Dateline (NBC) Sept. 23 48 Hours Mystery (CBS) Sept. 23 Brothers & Sisters (ABC) Sept. 24 Cold Case (CBS) Sept. 24 Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept. 24 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Sept. 24 60 Minutes (CBS) Sept. 24 Without A Trace Sept. 24 Heroes (NBC) Sept. 25 Runaway (CW) Sept. 25 7th Heaven (CW) Sept. 25 Gilmore Girls (CW) Sept. 26 Help Me Help You (ABC) Sept. 26 One Tree Hill (CW) Sept. 27 Smallville (CW) Sept. 28 upernatural (CW) Sept. 28 TNA Impact! (Spike) Sept. 28 Ugly Betty (ABC) Sept. 28 Doctor Who (SciFi) Sept. 29 All Of Us (CW) Oct. 1 America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) Oct. 1 Campus Ladies (Oxy) Oct. 1 Dexter (Sho) Oct. 1 verybody Hates Chris (CW) Oct. 1 Game (CW) Oct. 1 Girlfriends (CW) Oct. 1 Bachelor (ABC) Oct. 2 House of Carters (E!) Oct. 2 Friday Night Lights (NBC) Oct. 3 Veronica Mars (CW) Oct. 3 Freak Show (CC) Oct. 4 Lost (ABC) Oct. 4 ine (ABC) Oct. 4 South Park (CC) Oct. 4 20 Good Years (NBC) Oct. 4 Drawn Together (CC) Oct. 5 Battlestar Galactica (SciFi) Oct. 6 Trading Spouses (Fox) Oct. 6 Bridezillas (WE) Oct. 8 What About Brian (ABC) Oct. 9 I Pity The Fool! (TVLand) Oct. 11 30 Rock (NBC) Oct. 11 Ice T’s Rap School (VH1) Oct. 17 Knights of Prosperity (ABC) Oct. 17 Crossing Jordan (NBC) Oct. 20 Las Vegas (NBC) Oct. 20 Breaking Bonaduce (VH1) Oct. 22 Hogan Knows Best (VH1) Oct. 22 The OC (Fox) Nov. 2 Day Break (ABC) Nov. 15 King of the Hill (Fox) Dec. 3 Art of Betrayal (MyNet) Dec. 4 Supernanny (ABC) Dec. 4 Watch Over Me (MyNet) Dec. 4 According To Jim (ABC) Dec. 6 George Lopez (ABC) Dec. 6 Rome (HBO) Jan. 7 24 (Fox) Jan. 7 The Shield (FX) Jan. 9 American Idol (Fox) Jan. 16 To see Premiere by Alphabet click here

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Kirsty said...

I *LOVE* you! **SMACKAROO's****

Okay, I admit it, we watch WifeSwap...a true guilty pleasure. And NCIS...I am so glad you posted the start dates for these shows. Oh, and Survivor... I bow before the queen of TiVo....