Wednesday, July 19, 2006

R is for

RED - The color I relate to Red Shoe Ramblings - one of the best blogs online Road - I spend quite a bit of time on the road Rest - I seem constantly in need of just a few more minutes rest Rum - not my favorite drink Rust - Right - In my home - I am almost always RIGHT Read - I love to read although my current Rainbow - They make everyone smile Rap - Music my daughter loves and her parents hate Raven - A bird I'm partial to Reality - A genre of TV that I am addicted to Recess - the best part of grammar school Reflection - mine is growing old Report Card - We are expecting huge improvements in our household next year Republican -how the hell did I marry this one? Ruby - much more pink than I always expect them to be.

Saturday, July 15, 2006



Cheap Studio Help

Making sure that the lower half of the Phoenix didn't escape, Hunter maintains his death grip.

Sarah - thanks for the idea of using Angelina - I think it works perfectly.

Phoenix bound

The binding has been added, and the moon is sewn on (not in the top photo). I'm trying to decide if I want to add clouds - The phoenix body will be the last to be sewn down, which should be easier than sewing around the feathers. I can't believe I have all the hand sewing done - I hate sewing bindings and sleeves!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

2 days and counting

About 11 hours to bead/sequin the body. Tomorrow I'll quilt and bind - really!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Phoenix - Progress

So far I have just over 9 hours into beading and putting sequins on the body. This is about 30 inches square. Maybe 2 more hours to finish the body. This needs to be finished by this weekend - Plenty of time! LOL

Monday, July 10, 2006

Q is for ...

Continuing Laume's Wordplay list...
  • Quilt - goes without saying this needed to be first
  • Quiet - Something I need more of
  • Quest -
  • Quaint - the way towns in New England are often described
  • Quartz - I collect quartz crystals, especially Herkimer's
  • Quell - the first job of a JP is to Quell Riots (like that would happen)
  • Quill - I'm glad we have Sharpies
  • Quiz - something that DebRichardson loves to take
  • Quirk - I have a few
  • Quarters - I really like the new state designs, but I'm going to miss the old quarters.
  • Quiche - the only Q food I can think of - take it or leave it
  • Quail - I guess this is a Q-food too, I've never had it.
  • Quick - these are all I have time for right now

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Photos from the Italian Festival

Here are a few photos of Morgan and her best friend Elizabeth. Tom and I went to the Festival last night with the girls but I came home early to sew (I have a deadline this week). Before I left I bought 2 raffle tickets for a brand new Harley - They told me I had the winning ticket, so I'm guessing they will call me tonight!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

P is for...

Continuing Laume's WordPlay (link on sidebar) Personal word list.
  • Pace - my ideal pace is leisurely, although I can pick it up I prefer a little bit of speed to snail-like
  • Pagan - my current leaning
  • Pajamas - I prefer flannel (much to Tom's dismay) almost all year round, thanks to central air
  • Pain - something I see in Tom every day - this fucking Lyme has been making his life miserable
  • Pedicure - I had my very first professional pedicure last week - humm very nice, I think I might add this to my routine
  • Pantyhose - something that I am very very thankful that I do not have to wear to work!
  • Pansy - a fun uplifting flower that I enjoy finding in the early garden. Other flora I like include: poinsettia, poppy (this is my 1st year with them in the garden) and pussywillows
  • Parrot - there are flocks of green parrots all over CT - until 2 weeks ago I never saw one in Westport before. I know they are noisy and can cause program - the noise I can live with, and right now the bright green color still makes me happy
  • Pasta - I think my favorite "P" food - others include pineapple, pancakes, pastry, peas, peanuts, pecans, peppers (veggies not spice), pears, prune (not prune juice), pumpkin pie, pistachio, plums, popcorn
  • Peacock Plumage - Bright beautiful feathers
  • Poker - a game I never play
  • Paint something I have used often in my life - first as a child, then as a faux artist and now I use paint in my quilt art, especially for portraits
  • Practical Magic - a film I watch more than once
  • Puzzles - The only ones I get to do these days are online - still fun but not the same

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lighthouse Simplified

I've simplified the design - took out the green and purple grassy color-blocks and turned the 2 mottled browns into the rocky island. I like the way it looks, but have the neverending issue of how to bind it when its done - I think Bindings are my new "problem" area.

Happy 4th Of July !

Last night Westport had their fireworks (here is a shot), this is the true mark of summer. Our fireworks normally are a great show - last night it seemed like they must have run out of matches - everything started out fine, then there was a long (minutes) pause followed by a short burst and then nothing. Not the show that Grucci normally puts on - and I'm sure the local paper will either have an explanation or lots of comments. We live less than a mile from main beach - Last night Tom at the last minute decided he didn't want to walk down - the parking fee is $25 and the spaces are gone hours before the show. Morgan was already there - so I planned on going by myself. A short way from my home - I hear some kind of a motorized vehicle come up behind me - and turn to see Tom driving the gator. No fee to park it - so that was great. At one point Tom went back to check on the gator and came back with 2 friends. They were looking for us, and wanted us to know they parked at our house and rode their bikes. It was great seeing Cris and David - they have 2 rug rats and are in the middle of a house remodel, so I'm sure they needed the break. I hope you all have a safe, fun holiday. I'm sure Tom will be watching John Wayne movies, I'm going into the studio and Morgan has to go to Sailing School.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Floats - Part 2 (Deirdre's Summer SSL)

This is the first go round of my SUMMER Simple Still Life - obviously tweaked in Photoshop - but I did it a few days ago, so I have no real clue how I got here (LOL). My current plan, which as we know could change at any moment) is to isolate a part of the design and size it for the Quilting Arts Abstract challenge. I'm lazy and if I can kill 2 birds with one stone - why not! So the final size is supposed to be 8.5 x11 portrait format. Is anyone else interested in that challenge - its in the magazine and also on their website. Everyone have a safe 4th of July! :-D eirdre OK - so I posted this on the wrong blog! LOL, stinks getting old - There is a link to Simple Still Life at the top of this post and at the right - anyone else want to join us?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Warning! Fiber Related Post

I started playing with a new piece today - I'm not sure that I will continue it in the same color block-style that its started but I like the idea. Its hard working with oversized pieces of fabric that I am too cheap to cut up until I know what I want to do. And I'm not working on a design wall so taking photos blind with the camera held over my head is kind of strange.

I printed the Fire Island Lighthouse on fabric and have fused it to a printed background - The dark sky is a "sacred-saved piece" that I bought years ago from Skydyes. I want to get over the fear of using these Sacred Fabrics so I'm going to go for it! I also designed a home page for a new website. I'll share it soon.

O is for...

O is for ... Continuing my version of Laume's personal WordPlay dictionary...
  • Oak - I love oak trees and plan to use their shape in a few quilts.
  • Oatmeal - I love all forms of oatmeal, hot and cold cereal and cookies, yum!
  • Observant - I do not consider myself to be the most observant person in the world, but I know people who are worse!
  • Obstinate - family trait that Tom's and my family possess!
  • Office - I work in an office, pretty comfortable place with nice people - I'm pretty lucky to have this job (and they are lucky to have me LOL)
  • Ocean - we live near the Atlantic - its right on the other side of the sound - but I am not an ocean kinda person, well my not really liking water might have something to do with it.
  • Oil - damn its getting expensive and I don't think it will be coming down anytime soon.
  • Once is never enough.
  • Okra - I've never had it and just from the description (which usually includes the word sticky and/or slimy) I NEVER WILL
  • Old - yup that describes me
  • Orange - Great COLOR
  • Orchid - I wish I didn't have a black thumb, but I do.
  • Orchard - we have great Apple Orchards nearby, but the best ones that I've been to are in upstate New York.
  • Original - I'd like to do more artwork that is original. I have enough ideas just need to do them.
  • Owl - we have a few different ones here but I've never gotten a good enough look to see what kind they are.
  • Oyster - Not a food I like but I do like Oyster Crackers if that counts.

N is for ...

Continuing my version of Laume's personal WordPlay dictionary...
  • Nail - Mine are thin and short, never polished. My youngest sister Ardath's used to be long, acrylic and diamond-studded. She has a part-time business doing nails and her clients love her Air-Brushed works of art.
  • Nature - I'm not much of a "Nature Girl" - unless it is watching Nature through a window.
  • Navy - A place Tom (an several other of his family members) spent their early manhood years.
  • Nearsighted - I've worn glasses or contacts since I was around 10 - as I reached my mid-40's my eyesight has improved and for the first time in my life since wearing them, I am now able to take them off and wander around without needing them! The eye doctor said my eyes have improved quite a bit in the last few years!
  • Neat - not a trait I possess
  • Needle - Mostly I use machine needles but sometimes I use hand needles - especially for beading or sewing on the dreaded binding!
  • Neighbor - we don't have too many at our current house. I wish sometimes that we lived in a neighborhood where there were kids around for Morgan to play with.
  • New England - A great place to live. Also its in the Northeast, in North America in the Northern Hemisphere. I live in CT the Nutmeg State.
  • Niece - I have 4 and one grandniece - Samantha, Addie, Felicia (with my grandniece, Vanessa) and the newest member, Gianna.
  • Nephews - Thomas, Tyler, Justin, Zachary and a Grand Nephew Steve
  • Nose - recently operated on and working almost perfectly - its a great feeling to be able to breathe!
  • Nuzzle a great word and a nice concept
  • Nuts, nectarine, Nestle (chocolate), Noodles - good "N" foods
  • NO a word we use too often!