Monday, October 09, 2006

Halloween Costumes

For the entire month of October I wear my large collection of brightly colored Halloween Socks! They almost never fail to get a comment or 2, or 10! However, try as I might, I can't get Morgan to participate in this annual ritual. There was a time when she loved to dress up as a dinosaur, puppy or other strange Halloween visitor, even when it wasn't Halloween. I was thinking of that today when I saw this costume online at I suggested to Laume that she make this PINK costume for her darling Granddaughter on a group we belong to - Laume's reply to me was that I should make one for Morgan, "Her cute little face scowling evilly above the pink petals". Just to show how Cute Morgan's little face was - here she is in her Seasonal Festive Costume. I'm pretty sure her Glazed-Stare is from watching BARNEY, BABY BOP and friends on TV!

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Laume said...

I said she'd have an evil scowl because she reminds me of the girl on the cruise line commercial - where the family is in search of the elusive teenager's smile. Now if YOU dressed up in a flower outfit, I'm sure you'd get not just a smile, but complete hysterics out of her.

And yes, her little face was indeed adorable. I see the costume came complete with a bottle of fertilizer. Hehe.