Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mossy Birch Photo

While we were at Ausable (girls tubing photos), I took this photo of a fallen birch tree - I love the richness of this image (its clickable)

U is for ...

..Another WordPlay post... U is for ...
  1. Umbrella - something I need today
  2. Ugly - not too many things are really ugly
  3. Uniform - I wore one until I was in 10th grade.
  4. Underwater - I love the way things look underwater, but I am not fond of actually being underwater, or in the water for that matter!
  5. Unique - great word - we should all strive to be unique!
  6. Upside down - as a young girl I loved swinging with my head hanging upside down. If I tried it now - I'm sure I would Throw UP!
  7. Ukulele - If I could play one instrument it would be this one! No kidding
  8. Upgrades - I'm all for upgrades whenever possible
  9. Unlocked - when I was young it was great leaving things unlocked - doesn't happen anymore
  10. Ultrasound - I have Ultrasound photos of both my children taken while pregnant.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lake George Village

Here are the 3 girls - all in a pretty good mood and wearing matching shirts!

Morgan took a photo just to prove we are actually on the trip, so here we are!

T is for ...

Continuing Laume's WordPlay... T is for...
  1. Thomas - My darling husband's name. He is actually the 4th in his family with this name.
  2. Tattoo - I've had a tattoo since I was 20!
  3. Tunes - I usually have a song in my head and if you are lucky that is where it will stay
  4. Toast - I like raisin bread toast with butter, or regular old white bread toast with jam
  5. Teasing - I tend to tease my children too much
  6. Tests - I was not a good student and tests were my downfall
  7. Temper - I am Irish and German - need I say more?
  8. Tense - my normal state
  9. Temperature - mine runs a little below normal
  10. Tropical - I love the colors, tastes and sounds of Tropical things - especially the little drinks with umbrellas
  11. Toes - yes I have several
  12. Travel - I've not done a lot but I love the adventure and romance of travel
  13. Tomatoes - I love them in the summer - fresh from the vine!
  14. Turkey - we have several who live on our property - Tom feeds them to keep them around, as we believe they eat ticks.
  15. Trees - I love looking at trees - and take a lot of photographs of them. Every part of the tree is enjoyable, I love looking at the leaves, bark, branches, twisted roots, seed pods, holes and the way the sun filters through all of them.
  16. Tent - not a place I would like to spend much time.
  17. Thunderbird Mocs - I love to wear moccasins year round.
  18. Thunder - I feel charged after a good old fashioned Thunderstorm!
  19. Twisted - the way I like my humor and friends
  20. Tequila - a favorite
  21. Tomorrow - the last day of our vacation - sniff sniff!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ausable Chasm

Yesterday the girls went tubing at Ausable Chasm . They had a great time! These photos are clickable and worth the look! This is a photo taken from the top - it shows where the kids will get onto their tubes. I was on a bridge about 60 feet above the river, they didn't realize I was up there until right before they looked up. These rapids made a lot of noise - the right side was the only man-made part of the trip. It was so beautiful, and the tubes traveled at a much slower pace then the rafts did, so I was able to keep up with the girls while walking along the edge of the Chasm. This is right before the end of their trip. The deeper water under them is over 100 feet deep!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

S is for ...

  1. SLOOOOOOW - which seems to be the way I am working on my WordPlay list
  2. Singer Sewing Machines - I have a few...
  3. Sailboat - we used to have a large sailboat - which we sold to buy our property - I really miss that boat - even though I am not fond of the water
  4. Sage - an herb I use to clean and purify
  5. Salmon - Morgan and I love the pink fish
  6. Salt - I use too much, but love the taste - I even salt watermelon
  7. Sarcastic - I don't really know anything about sarcasm
  8. sapphire - Tom's birthstone
  9. Satellite - how we get TV service
  10. Saxophone - my youngest brother, Devin plays the sax
  11. Scale - not always my friend
  12. Scent - I prefer natural - especially since my breathing issues
  13. Sinus - where my breathing issues seem to localize
  14. Sea - Tom's first love
  15. Skiing - Adam was taken skiing when he was just 2 weeks old - he still seems to have it in his blood
  16. Shooting Star - I love looking at the night sky and find that August is often filled with shooting stars
  17. Sisters - I have 2, Megan and Ardath
  18. September - a month that includes many family member birthday's
  19. Small - the space we take in the universe
  20. Sloth - one of the 7 deadly sins - I possess this one - and also own the bracelet
  21. Smoke - something I have never done
  22. Snow - I love taking photographs of images covered with snow
  23. Solar energy - I would love to convert our home to solar - with the location we have I bet it would really help
  24. Sorrow - What my name means
  25. Snapdragon - a flower I love to look at! They always make me
  26. SMILE
  27. Spinach - I have always loved spinach - even when we ate that junk that came out of the can. It wasn't until I was an adult that I had fresh spinach - now I love to cook it in the mircowave in the bag!
  28. Shells - I wander watching my feet when we are at the beach - don't want to miss a perfect specimen - no matter how small!
  29. Spotless - a state you will never find my home in
  30. Stained glass - the first piece I made was a small light catcher - the 2nd piece was 40 inches tall and had tons of pieces in it!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Basting Glue
This is a great tip - I can't wait to try it out