Tuesday, June 27, 2006

M is for ...

Another word play list - 1/2 way through the alphabet!

  • Mother – I aM fortunate that My Mother is still here – Many of My friends lost theirs preMaturely.
  • Morgan – My darling daughter – who I aM still stunned to realize is going into High School next year!
  • Maiden NaMe – Mine is Murphy
  • Murphy’s Law – a law Many of us live by, a TV series that was based on a series of book My father Warren Murphy wrote.
  • Magic – The power to Make iMpossible things happen.
  • Magpie – I believe there is Magpie in My lineage - I love shiny things
  • Magnolia – a sure sign that Spring is alMost here – This year for My birthday ToM planted 2 Magnolia’s one for Me and one for Morgan. Usually these blooM near our birthdays
  • Mail – I used to get a lot of junk Mail and bills in My Mailbox, but since I’ve been online there are all kinds of surprises which Might be in the box – fiber postcards, online fabric orders, new books – Mail is a good thing…
  • Makeup – I don’t really wear any these days, I did once. But Morgan wears enough for both of us. She looks Much better in it than I do
  • Marbles – My grandMother collected old toys her husband had owned a toy distributorship, several years before she died, she sold all of her toys at auction. The iteM we were Most surprised at was a bag of Marbles, originally it sold for 15 cents – I think it went for $700!
  • Maze – I have been dreaMing about Mazes lately. Not a bad scary dreaM but one where I aM planting a Maze.
  • Mercury – I wish I could figure out why when I was a child there was a building which got deliveries of Mercury – soMetiMes the little silver drops would be in the gutter. What the hell would they have had Mercury for?
  • MinuteMan – we have a statue of a MinuteMan in Westport. He is always at the ready for the English.
  • Milk – I love iced cold Milk and could never understand how people on a farM could drink it warM – ick ick ick
  • Model – when I was a child I was a Model, I worked Mostly for Sears but also did work for Magazines and other catalogs
  • Mosquito – Disgusting insect which have no use and never will. I grew up in NJ and I think the Mosquito was the state bird. In CT they aren’t quite as bad, except for the fact that they now carry West Nile Virus
  • Motorcycle – ToM’s love of Harley’s has been rekindled.
  • Music – I coMe froM a pretty Musical faMily – Most can carry a tune and/or play an instruMent – I don’t! My children are also very Musical – I’M so glad they don’t take after Me!

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Deb R said...

Cool list! How old were you when you were modeling for the Sears catalogs?