Thursday, June 01, 2006

J is for

  • Jacket – I have a lot of Jackets, but I tend to wear one or 2 until they are ragged. Lately I’ve received a few from Chico’s which I adore. One that I must replace soon is my 30 year old Jean Jacket – which is so worn the collar is barely attached!
  • Jeans – Tom’s favorite clothing items
  • Jaguar – if I could have a large wild animal I would love a Jaguar – I love the way they look. Of course if I had the option of the car or the animal I would go with the car!
  • January – I love the month, mostly because of its symbol of being a fresh start – that anything and everything is possible.
  • Jellyfish – I love watching Jellyfish at an aquarium – I took some photos of them that I really loved in California. Click here for more photos apparently Blogger is being a Jerk again and won't let photos post.
  • Jade – a color and stone that I like
  • Job – a necessary evil
  • Julie - my best friend and a very talented woman
  • Joint – I was recently told that Morgan’s Joints are hyper-something (very flexible), so she needs to go to a trainer to see if she needs special exercises to keep them healthy. Tom’s Joints are afflicted with Lyme Disease – a terrible disease.
  • Journal Quilts – A proJect that I was thrilled to participate in and even had a few images accepted in the soon to be published Journal Quilt Book!
  • Journey – they way I am starting to view my life – it seems that the older I get the more I enJoy the Journey.
  • Jump rope – I sucked at double Dutch – and could seldom figure out when to Jump in!
  • Jumper Cables – a necessary tool every motorist in New England should carry
  • Junior High School – Morgan will be saying goodbye soon to hers
  • Junk Food – who me? Eat and actually like the stuff – YUP!
  • Juxtapose – I spend a lot of time doing this to everything – comparing, weighing, evaluating.
  • June – We are starting the month Today
  • July – A month I am very glad to have Central Air

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