Saturday, June 03, 2006

eBay or Religious Retreat Dilemma?

I am having a "Religious Dilemma" Maybe you can help. I was taking images off my camera this morning and realized that Christ was looking at me. Yup, you heard me right - Jesus has placed himself right in front of me - in my yard. I was focusing on the sprig of grass in front of the rock and he just jumped out! I've added lines for those of you who are not as enlightened as I am. This image is clickable.

So my problem is - Should I open my yard as a stop for Pilgrims who I am sure would be willing to pay a fee - all for the upkeep of the image (of course), or should I attempt to sell Jesus on eBay - after all maybe the Vatican would like to keep him close to them. This is a pretty good size rock, so we might need a crane to get it out of the yard.

Until I hear from you, maybe I'll pray for guidance!

Whoops - I also forgot... J is for JESUS!


Vicky aka stichr said...

Maybe you could sell postcards of the image? Personally I see a lot more nose than you give him in your fact....I think I see Jerry Garcia.

Jaye said...

eBay definitely.

If you let Pilgrims in they will want to use your bathroom and buy hot dogs. Not to mention that you will have to listen to them.

go with eBay.

Laume said...

I think it looks a bit like Jerry Garcia as well. You might get more money for it from Grateful Dead fanatics then religious ones. hehe

Diana Troldahl said...

Of course, selling on Ebay the shipping costs mught be prohibitive.. and I see Jerry too... (maybe I inhaled a bit too much at the concerts though)

Maybe a psychedelic halo would enhance it even more!

Ren Momma said...

Well now, being an old Dead Head myself, I'd go with Jerry, however, you DO NOT want deadheads visiting. They are pigs, ask me how I know. Regards, Leslie in Colorado where the Rainbow family is looking for a place to have their summer gathering...