Saturday, July 01, 2006

N is for ...

Continuing my version of Laume's personal WordPlay dictionary...
  • Nail - Mine are thin and short, never polished. My youngest sister Ardath's used to be long, acrylic and diamond-studded. She has a part-time business doing nails and her clients love her Air-Brushed works of art.
  • Nature - I'm not much of a "Nature Girl" - unless it is watching Nature through a window.
  • Navy - A place Tom (an several other of his family members) spent their early manhood years.
  • Nearsighted - I've worn glasses or contacts since I was around 10 - as I reached my mid-40's my eyesight has improved and for the first time in my life since wearing them, I am now able to take them off and wander around without needing them! The eye doctor said my eyes have improved quite a bit in the last few years!
  • Neat - not a trait I possess
  • Needle - Mostly I use machine needles but sometimes I use hand needles - especially for beading or sewing on the dreaded binding!
  • Neighbor - we don't have too many at our current house. I wish sometimes that we lived in a neighborhood where there were kids around for Morgan to play with.
  • New England - A great place to live. Also its in the Northeast, in North America in the Northern Hemisphere. I live in CT the Nutmeg State.
  • Niece - I have 4 and one grandniece - Samantha, Addie, Felicia (with my grandniece, Vanessa) and the newest member, Gianna.
  • Nephews - Thomas, Tyler, Justin, Zachary and a Grand Nephew Steve
  • Nose - recently operated on and working almost perfectly - its a great feeling to be able to breathe!
  • Nuzzle a great word and a nice concept
  • Nuts, nectarine, Nestle (chocolate), Noodles - good "N" foods
  • NO a word we use too often!

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Deb R said...

Nifty N-list, Naturally!

PS..I didn't know CT was the Nutmeg State. Is a lot of it grown there?