Sunday, June 11, 2006

L is for...

My Wordplay list - L is for ...

  • Laume - the woman who started this Wordplay list
  • Ladybug - I find it hard to believe that I work with a woman who HATES ladybugs - she said that is because she is from Washington STATE and they bite there - Personally I think she is nuts
  • Ladder - When I first decided to use the loft as my studio there was a short ladder to get up here - a SHAKY SHORT ladder - with the platform about 3 feet from the edge of the loft. you had to stand on top of this shaky ladder and pull yourself up. Getting down wasn't any easier - I painted a half-circle so that you had a place to "Aim your body towards", as you swing your legs around hoping to find the top of the ladder! This ladder sucked! It has been replaced with a rolling ladder/staircase like home Depot uses that I bought when Caldor's went out of business.
  • Lament - Deirdre's Lament is the one I am most familiar with.
  • Lake - Love looking at a lake - My mother lives in The Finger Lakes (top of the middle finger), We go to Lake George for vacation in the summer and in general I love the tranquility of a lake - I still don't want to GO INTO the lake but looking at it is fine. Tom is at Lake George this week for Americade 2006.
  • Laptop - I am thrilled that my laptop has made everything so convenient - nice to look up facts during a movie to prove I'm right or to try and figure out a name or location.
  • Leaves - Autumn in New England has wonderful colored leaves
  • Lemonade - A great summertime drink
  • Library - I spend less time visiting the library now that they are a member of Netlibrary so I can download books to
  • Lilac one of my favorite spring flowers and a scent I like too
  • Lime - very necessary ingredient of a margarita
  • Linguini - my favorite style of pasta
  • Loft - where my studio is
  • Lottery - haven't won it yet
  • Lyme disease - a terrible disease that affects my family
  • Love - life if much better with it
  • Lucky - the way I feel (most times) about marrying my husband
  • Late - one of my common states - not in getting to things, but more with waiting until the LAST possible moment to finish something.
  • Lazy - you say this like its a bad thing?


Deb R said...

Lovely List! :-)

boliyou said...

Great list!

Dara said...

What a blast from the past! My first job at age 15 was at the Torrington Caldor's.

becky said...

It's not ladybugs who bite, but a look alike bug called the Asian beetle. We have them here in PA & they invade the house in droves on sunny winter days. They only bite occasionally, but they stink when crushed or if they pile up dead on the windowsills.