Monday, April 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Morgan

Today my darling daughter turned 14 - she is all grown up but I remember her in the wooden cradle that her Great Grandfather built for her! She looked like she came out of a Fairy Tale. Still looking innocent as she sits on the front porch - but I think this last photo (my personal favorite), is a glimpse of things to come! She was planting seeds and plants in my mother's garden and her hair kept blowing in her face - she kept wiping the stray locks away. Her shirt stayed pretty clean!

Happy Happy Birthday, MORGAN!


Deb R said...

Happy Birthday, Morgan!

(April is a big birthday month for your family, isn't it!)

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

Laume said...

adorable pics from long ago, but you need to add one of what she looks like NOW. She's a beautiful young woman too.