Monday, April 17, 2006

Catching Up!

Here is a quick synopsis (I tried to keep it short - LOL) of what I've been up to since my birthday. Hope to get all caught up this week. There is a Laume
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Lunch with Laume's friend Kathy
  • Hotel In Santa Cruz
  • Julie and her son come over to the hotel to pick us up, Julie brings great Birthday Presents!
  • Owen's play Inherit the Wind
    • Saturday (The only rainless day)

      Check out of hotel
    • Make arrangements to meet Cindy
    • Timi, Laume, Cindy and I go to see the Redwoods
    • Drive to Capitola
    • Have Lunch at Zelda's with Jaye, Owen, Red Deer, Cindy, Julie, Timi and Laume - This was the most beautiful day and I felt wonderful sitting in the sun!
    • Walk around the town - buy a huge gift for morgan - which is being shipped
    • Head off to Hotel in Marina - check in
    • Drive to a couple of beaches and take photos
    • Go to Cannery Row and wander around, eat dinner and take more photos.
    • Back to the hotel
    • SLEEP
    • Sunday

      • Check out of Hotel
      • Squish into Laume's over packed car (Filled with Timi and my suitcases)
      • Drive back to Monterey and meet Cindy and her 2 kids at the Aquarium.
      • We spent several wonderful hours getting a personal tour by Alex and Megan, took a ton of photos.
      • Force Laume to leave the Otters
      • Take a picturesque drive to Asilomar
      • Check in - find our room
      • Show up 2 hours late and find out that Hollis has been talking for over an hour
      • Dinner - and then
      • SLEEP

      Monday - Thursday

      • Rain
      • Classes
      • Meals
      • Rain
      • Did I mention Rain
      • SLEEP


      • Go to class - we had already packed up
      • Switch our shuttle reservation to an earlier one
      • take the shuttle to San Jose airport
      • Get picked up my my SIL, Lisa
      • Drive and get Gianna (my Niece)
      • See their new home in Fremont
      • Have dinner
      • Back to Airport for 9:30 flight
      • Incoming plane had rain delay - then a medical emergency
      • Left California after 11
      • SLEEP ON PLANE (Kinda)


      • Arrive in NYC at 7:00
      • Tom actually got there before us! Yeah Tom!
      • Drive back to CT
      • Have coffee
      • Timi leaves
      • I take a nap
      • Go to Costco
      • Mom offers to meet me part way, so I don't have to do a round trip to upstate New York - we decide to do it Sunday
      • Dinner
      • SLEEP


      • SLEPT LATE!
      • Left at 8:30 for drive to Owego NY
      • Swap Morgan to the other car
      • Return home
      • Work in Studio
      • SLEEP


      • WORK - damn!
      • LAUNDRY - Damn
      • DISHES - DAMN!

      I'll post more about the entire trip - and show some photos of my pieces later this week. You can see 4 albums of trip photos (all start with April 06) at . None of these photos has been edited yet. If you are on a high speed the slideshow is the easiest way to watch. One post done - about a dozen more to do!!

      :-D eirdre

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