Wednesday, April 19, 2006

D is for...

  • Dawn - My mother's name & a beautiful time of Day that I see often Daughter Morgan is my Darling Daughter
  • DiamonD - My birthstone
  • Dark - Often my mooD anD certainly my humor
  • DayDream - Something I Don't Do nearly often enough - some of my best frienDs spenD hours DayDreaming
  • Dessert - the perfect way to start a meal
  • Destroyer - A book series that my DaD, Warren Murphy is the author of. MaDe into a very campy movie with Joel Grey.
  • Dye - I useD a lot of Dyes in my class recently - I was DisappointeD with the results. But Dyeing my velvet scarves earlier this year proviDeD intense saturateD color more beautiful than I imagineD
  • Diet - I DiD pretty well last year on my WW Diet, but it is now time to get back on the program - these pounDs slip back on much too easily - DAMN IT
  • DooDle - I Do this much less than I useD to, DooDling was fun
  • Dream - I Dream in Black anD white, although sometimes there are bursts of color which cause Dizzy squeals of Delight!
  • Different - Something to strive to be
  • Digital - the way of the worlD
  • Dog - I can't forget Button
  • DONE!!!


Deb R said...

You dream in black and white?? I didn't know that and am very surprised!

Ysabeau said...

I agree that the velvet scarves were magnificent, since I was the recipient of a blue violet one! I made a coordinating soft crocheted beret, and wear it to my watercolor classes whenever it's chilly, and I get a lot of comments about the scarf from my scarf-less classmates. Thank you again!

I loved looking at your quilts, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment right with them.
B*B, Ysabeau