Saturday, April 01, 2006


BEHIND - yes I'm always running just a little behind! And no this does not mean you can comment on the size of my ass! BLUE - Pretty isn't it Brothers & Brian - one of my 2 brothers Beautiful - The way I wish I saw more things. Backhoe - One of Tom's favorite toys! Balance - Hard to achieve always too much to do! Batik - ohhh so pretty! Black Birds - I love the Red-Winged variety Berries - Strawberries, Blueberries or Blackberries hard to pick a favorite Bifocals - I'm way past needing them! Birthday - Morgan's birthday is Monday BIG Birthday's - Mom turns 70 and I turn 50 on Thursday!- Blonde - Does she or doesn't she? I've been holding off making this decision. Grey is good - don't you think? Breath - A total pleasure to be able to take - thank you Doctor, I give the operation Thumbs UP! Bubbles - I loved looking at bubbles when I was a kid - and when Adam was little I remember him chasing them all over the yard. Morgan was too Busy for Bubbles! Button - A very good dog, even if he will go with anyone who will pet him!


Melly n David said...

Grey is a very good color.

Deb R said...

Good B-list! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!