Wednesday, April 19, 2006

E is for....

Continuing the WordPlay Personal Dictionary
Email – thE way thE world communicatEs, today EmErald – I lovE this stonE and thE shapE of thE cut EnchantEd – wouldn’t it bE fun to livE an EnchantEd lifE? EntanglEd – A long ovErduE projEct which I havE bEEn unablE to find thE timE for – high on my list of To Do’s EscapE – onE of thE bEst things wE can do for oursElvEs. ExcEllEnt – Much closEr to thE way I’vE bEEn fEEling sincE my surgEry. EyE – my EyEs arE hazEl and I lovE thE color – somEtimEs grEEn, somEtimEs bluE(ish), or EvEn goldEn. Hard to dEscribE EtiquEttE – What has happEnEd to simplE EtiquEttE? WE arE in nEEd of this common simplE courtEsy and it takEs so littlE to actually givE it – yEt wE arE all too involvEd and too busy to usE it – onE of thE things I think is rEally wrong in thE world EnErgy – I NEED MORE – what can I say? ElopE – thE EasiEst way to gEt marriEd , Tom and I mostly ElopEd. EmbErs – I lovE looking at thE EmbErs of a dying firE – thErE is somEthing warm and comforting in thEm. Emu – I’vE bEEn trying to find a local placE to buy Emu oil – I hEard it might bE good for Tom’s LymE disEasE. East = I livE on thE East Coast and in NEw England, both placEs I lovE.

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Deb R said...

There you go again, coming up with a bunch of good ones I missed!

I also love emeralds, and "enchanted" is a great word. I didn't elope, but wish I had; and mourn the loss of etiquette. Great list!