Wednesday, April 26, 2006

F is for...

My Wordplay list continues... if you want to play or would like to see others who are playing, go To Laume's WordPlay blog...
  • Face - I've enjoyed learning to paint Faces, and seem to spend more time now looking at "interesting" ones.
  • Factory – I work in an old turn oF the century Hat Factory. I even worked in this building 25 years ago. Now I work For a public relations company, then I worked For a Chinese Importing company.
  • Fair – LiFe isn’t Fair – get over it!
  • Fall – I love Fall – I love the colors, the crispness and the Food!
  • Fashion – Not something that I worry too much about – I oFten Find out I am back in style by the time I think to change.
  • Father – Very important part oF my liFe.
  • Fawn – I’m expecting to soon see a bunch oF them, adding to our herd.
  • Feathers – SoFt, Floating
  • Female – I enjoy being a ‘girl”
  • Fettuccini – How can this have 93 WW points?
  • Fiber - ICK
  • Friends – Can’t live without them
  • Fingerprint – I’m Fascinated by them
  • Flamingo - PINK
  • FluFFy – Cotton candy
  • Flowers – I preFer them in the garden, but the deer eat everything here – so I’m FORCED to have cut Flowers!
  • Fog – Driving into the mountains the wisps mesmerize me
  • Folk music – Always present in my childhood home
  • Forever – I do not want to live Forever
  • Forget – I Forget more than I remember these days.
  • Forgive – its its not liFe threatening – its not worth getting upset.
  • Fractals – I wish I could learn how to make these
  • Frisbee – I suck throwing one but still try - occasionally
  • Fudge – Chocolate or Marble
  • Fruit – Can’t think oF a single one that I don’t like – ok I don’t like cantalope and honeydew
  • Future – I’m looking Forward to mine
  • Fuck - such a great expressive wonderful word! I use it too oFten - oh well!


Laume said...

How did I miss using Fall, Forgive, and Fractals on my own list!? Great list. And what's with "Fiber - ICK"?

Oh, and you coulda added - Freeway - don't you live right on one?

:-D eirdre said...

LOL - FIBER - that stuff that comes in BRAN - I LOVE the other FIBER

And we call it a HIGHWAY - thank you very much.

Kirsty said...

OMG! I can't believe I forgot of the major food groups, but then I forgot Forgot on my F list too!

great list, Deirdre!