Tuesday, April 18, 2006

C is for .....

Continuing Catch UP
Here is my WordPlay List
California - where I just visited after taking Class with Hollis Chatelain's - what Can I say. Caffeine - Makes the entire world better Cursing - got a problem - too fuCking bad Cheating - Totally unaCCeptable, unless you are playing Cards with my family CharaCter! When some says she is a CharaCter - I think of my Grandmother Cake - Not as good as PIE Camera - Something I've been using a lot Cat - Currently we have Hunter - he is a sweetheart Casket - Did you know you Can buy these at... CostCo? CostCo - Did you know you Can return anything (exCept pC's) forever, with their open ended return poliCy? Cauldron - Every good witCh needs one - maybe I'll find one this year at a flea market Cemetery - I love the old ones with monuments and family plots Champagne - One of my favorite things ChoColate - Another favorite (Is there a limit?) Clouds - Morgan’s room is painted in Clouds Color - I LOVE COLOR Crayon - Crayola or nothing Creative - Something I strive to be Crystal - I love Crystals, espeCially double terminated ones CyniCal - WHO ME?


Deb R said...

fantastiC Deirdre!

Laume said...

Ahhh, you're so Clever and artsy in your C List. Very fun to read! And btw, why is Cindy responsible for my ass?