Saturday, July 01, 2006

O is for...

O is for ... Continuing my version of Laume's personal WordPlay dictionary...
  • Oak - I love oak trees and plan to use their shape in a few quilts.
  • Oatmeal - I love all forms of oatmeal, hot and cold cereal and cookies, yum!
  • Observant - I do not consider myself to be the most observant person in the world, but I know people who are worse!
  • Obstinate - family trait that Tom's and my family possess!
  • Office - I work in an office, pretty comfortable place with nice people - I'm pretty lucky to have this job (and they are lucky to have me LOL)
  • Ocean - we live near the Atlantic - its right on the other side of the sound - but I am not an ocean kinda person, well my not really liking water might have something to do with it.
  • Oil - damn its getting expensive and I don't think it will be coming down anytime soon.
  • Once is never enough.
  • Okra - I've never had it and just from the description (which usually includes the word sticky and/or slimy) I NEVER WILL
  • Old - yup that describes me
  • Orange - Great COLOR
  • Orchid - I wish I didn't have a black thumb, but I do.
  • Orchard - we have great Apple Orchards nearby, but the best ones that I've been to are in upstate New York.
  • Original - I'd like to do more artwork that is original. I have enough ideas just need to do them.
  • Owl - we have a few different ones here but I've never gotten a good enough look to see what kind they are.
  • Oyster - Not a food I like but I do like Oyster Crackers if that counts.

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Laume said...

All my friends also used the word "obstinate" in their O lists - what a surprise! NOT!