Saturday, July 08, 2006

P is for...

Continuing Laume's WordPlay (link on sidebar) Personal word list.
  • Pace - my ideal pace is leisurely, although I can pick it up I prefer a little bit of speed to snail-like
  • Pagan - my current leaning
  • Pajamas - I prefer flannel (much to Tom's dismay) almost all year round, thanks to central air
  • Pain - something I see in Tom every day - this fucking Lyme has been making his life miserable
  • Pedicure - I had my very first professional pedicure last week - humm very nice, I think I might add this to my routine
  • Pantyhose - something that I am very very thankful that I do not have to wear to work!
  • Pansy - a fun uplifting flower that I enjoy finding in the early garden. Other flora I like include: poinsettia, poppy (this is my 1st year with them in the garden) and pussywillows
  • Parrot - there are flocks of green parrots all over CT - until 2 weeks ago I never saw one in Westport before. I know they are noisy and can cause program - the noise I can live with, and right now the bright green color still makes me happy
  • Pasta - I think my favorite "P" food - others include pineapple, pancakes, pastry, peas, peanuts, pecans, peppers (veggies not spice), pears, prune (not prune juice), pumpkin pie, pistachio, plums, popcorn
  • Peacock Plumage - Bright beautiful feathers
  • Poker - a game I never play
  • Paint something I have used often in my life - first as a child, then as a faux artist and now I use paint in my quilt art, especially for portraits
  • Practical Magic - a film I watch more than once
  • Puzzles - The only ones I get to do these days are online - still fun but not the same

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