Monday, July 10, 2006

Q is for ...

Continuing Laume's Wordplay list...
  • Quilt - goes without saying this needed to be first
  • Quiet - Something I need more of
  • Quest -
  • Quaint - the way towns in New England are often described
  • Quartz - I collect quartz crystals, especially Herkimer's
  • Quell - the first job of a JP is to Quell Riots (like that would happen)
  • Quill - I'm glad we have Sharpies
  • Quiz - something that DebRichardson loves to take
  • Quirk - I have a few
  • Quarters - I really like the new state designs, but I'm going to miss the old quarters.
  • Quiche - the only Q food I can think of - take it or leave it
  • Quail - I guess this is a Q-food too, I've never had it.
  • Quick - these are all I have time for right now

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