Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pandora's quilting

Tonight in the studio I was trying to find something for Morgan, I didn't have the bright white overhead lights, just the regular dim high-hats. While I was sitting down I realized that the quilting I've done so far on Pandora showed up really well without the bright lights. So here are some photos. The swirls over her head are done in silver and gold metallic threads. I've taken out the original thread-lines in the sky. I wasn't happy with the way they looked, but they still show up a little. You can also see the lines that were put in behind her - running across her arm and chest. I have to take these out from the backside. The wool batting needed to be stabilized, but I didn't think they would show up as much as they do. After I get the lines out - I'll start quilting her dress, and hair. Then I will have to decide what to do to her skin. I love the little dark spirit - I think it needs a name, but I haven't gotten that far yet. Enlarge it for a better view. I moved the design wall to take these bottom 2 photos, before I did that the hands were not quite so wrinkled. They actually looked like filled out flesh. I guess I will have to do some quilting on the skin - I guess practicing would be a good idea. This is as much of a full view I could get - You can really see those horizontal lines now! - Without flash and bright lights it was hard to keep the picture stable. But this is pretty good.


Deb R said...

It's turning out good, Deirdre!

It'll be interesting to see what you decide to do with quilting the skin. I always hate that part when I do portraits or figures, because I don't want much quilting at all over the skin - I often find it a bit distracting - but if you don't quilt those parts, then they end up all wrinkly and icky looking anyway. I've never yet solved that dilemma entirely to my satisfaction.

Dara said...

Your girl is looking good!