Sunday, December 04, 2005

A view of the Moon

I promised a friend I would make a few quilt blocks for a swap she is hosting. Theme was a block having to do with the Moon. I knew pretty much what I wanted to do for my blocks. When I was in Chicago at the Quilt Festival in 2003, I picked up a beautiful silver pin of Diana - it was a really nice signed piece of jewelry and I'm not sure what it was doing in with the broken watch parts. The vendor offered me a great price and I was THRILLED! I knew that this was a good piece. I found out that my pin is the work of Augustus Saint-Gaudens and was originally made as an 18' tall weathervane for the top of Madison Square Garden. There are several smaller pieces and this photograph of Diana was taken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So I wanted to use this image of Diana against a full moon and I found a wonderful image on the NASA site. All in all I am very happy with these blocks! Now my 2nd block is a pretty typical Moon over the Mountain block. I used a sparkly white with silver flecked fabric for the moon and the same background as I used in the first block.
The background fabric is one that I bought to test - it was called something like Almost Solid - It was awful for all the other projects I tried to use it for - but I auditioned it for the night sky and it looked great - now the problem is that I would love to use this for other night skies and I don't have much left. SIGH... I hope that everyone likes the blocks they get!


Deb R said...

So is the image of Diana a photo transfer? It's a very cool block!

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Deirdre..these are totally cool...I LOVE the Diana one. I have this moon thing going..... Moon Rabbit especially, but Moon. Nautilus Moon.... moons.

I like the black, too...any idea who made the fabric? It look slike what I could use for sky fabric for a quilt I'm gonna make as soon as the holiday insanity is over......

Cheers, Sarah