Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dyeing to try this (part 2)

I used a flash to take these photos and they wash out the color quite a bit, but they are really rich and luxurious in person. I hope they do well at the sale! I wonder why I waited until it was 40 degrees to try this?


Rayna said...

My, my, you were busy. And not only scarves, but 20 -- TWENTY postcards? Good grief, you are amazing! I love the template for the backs, too. I use canvas for the back so I just write by hand - but I like your idea. Nice work.

Deb R said...

Those scarves are gorgeous!!

I like the postcards too and the back design is very clever! (I agree the blue needs a little something and I think any of the ideas you mentioned would work..anything to make it more texture-y like the black one.)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Ooooh...I want to pet the scarves! Great vivid color! If you let them batch in a warm place, the blues will turn out more least with cottons. Am guessing the same for velvet... or did you nuke them to set the dye?

Cheers, Sarah