Saturday, November 26, 2005

CT Winter - Fiber Post Cards

I made Fiber 20 post cards today, but I'm having a hard time deciding if they are going to be sent off to Megan's school for her sale or used to send to my friends. I am pretty happy with the way these came out - the base of the pine branch is a variegated green thread. I thought that would be enough variation but it was kind of flat, so I added a line of brown stem, and then topped that with Neon Green. I think the dark Post Card looks finished with the snowy night scene behind it, but the blue one needs something? Berries, pine cones or maybe some beaded snow flakes or sequins! Another part which is hard to photograph but I'm very happy with is the backing. I was able to come up with a template for Word, which will print a backing for three 4x6 postcards. This way if I do sell them, my name and website are on the cards. It also explains to use 37 cents postage. I printed the back you see below on a Christmas fabric - its a white on white snowflake with small blue flecks. The blue ends up looking like its kind of dirty but really trust me it looks good!

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