Saturday, November 05, 2005

Beautiful Saturday - a story in 2-Parts

Today I was the evil mother and wife forcing the family to go for a ride in the country. There were no birthday parties, deadlines, family responsibilities or anything else that I could see should stop our family trip. Tom and I started the morning late, with coffee, breakfast and a movie, and at 11 - I finally got up to shower and dress. The weather was in the high 70's, the sun was shining and it was just gorgeous! I dressed and went to wake the princess - opening the door to the cave only prompted groans of agony from my darling daughter - Button wasn't must more eager to get out of bed. I threw open the shades, opened the storm windows and let the clean air into the room - MOM - get out! Nope that didn't work, and eventually she stumbled into the bathroom for her hour shower. While Tom and Morgan got ready, I decided to go out to take some photographs, down hear the salt marsh. First I walked up to the stone wall and took many photographs of our property - at the top of this post is a photo collage of our land. To the left is the woods and beyond that is a salt marsh, then you can see our yard, house, driveway, shed, a bunch of trucks and end up at the stone wall again. Beyond the shed is a lower field, with a nice stream. And as you follow the drive out it turns and goes down what was at one time the old road bed. Its an unusual pie-shaped piece of land, and except for its proximity to the highway, it has some great features, including if you want to stretch it - open front... :-) I then went down to the salt marsh and took another set of photos - I tried to get photos of the thousands of tiny fish swimming from the stream into the salt marsh but all I could get were reflections and leaves. On the way back to the house I found a large rock which is almost entirely covered in Mica - I asked Tom if he could bring it back to the house, but I don't think he realized how large it is - It is very pretty! When I got back to the house - everyone was dressed and promised not to grumble, we packed up our cameras, stopped for a Frozen Frappacino and Latte and we were off...

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