Monday, May 29, 2006

Phoenix - Version 3 (Big Bird)

Its been a long time since I was up in the studio actually WORKING on a project - I've had the large version of the Phoenix started for several months, this was the version I was going to use and cut up into 4 slices. Before I decided that it would be better to make 4 complete smaller birds, for a group I'm in. I really wanted to use a hand-dyed red silk velvet scarf I have but truth is - I love the scarf and really want to keep it - not enough time to order from dharma, so I decided to use some other materials. Then of course there is the issue of using Wonder Under - I HATE PELLON - this must be the 5th time I've purchased Wonder Under - from 5 different places and its still the bad stuff! Why can't they recall the crap that doesn't work. Anyway - I've used several layers of a red/bronze/gold sheer and put it on yellow for the feathers and red for the body. I'm trying to decide if I will stitch the leaves first or sew and quilt - I hope I can get the metallic threads to feed smoothly. I also plan on using a lot of sequins and beads and adding some real sparkle. Its nice to be sewing even with the frustration of crappy glue, lets see how quickly I can progress on this bird.

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