Saturday, May 20, 2006

H is for...

  • Hair – Mine is desperately in need of a cut, blonde witH streaks of grey.
  • Handwriting – WHen I was in 3rd grade tHe nuns at Sacred Heart ScHool tHougHt my Handwriting was so bad tHey Had me copy tHe penmansHip papers, tHey sent tHat in to someone and I got some kind of an award – do tHey even teacH tHis anymore?
  • Hawk – We Have several wHo live near our House, but never wHen I Have a camera available.
  • Hazel – My eye color
  • HealtH - Improving daily!
  • HeartH – SometHing I miss
  • Home – ours was lovingly built by Tom, and will be under construction for tHe rest of our lives
  • HollyHock – and old fasHioned plant tHat I’ve Had no luck growing
  • Honeysuckle – A scent I actually like
  • Housekeeping – Don’t come to my House if clutter and dust botHer you
  • Husband – I’ve married tHe man of my dreams and Heart
  • HypHen – one of my favorite forms of punctuation
  • Hopelessly beHind - my current state

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