Sunday, May 21, 2006

Capt'n Morgan

Yesterday, after I finished being thought of as the most evil mother of the world, for forcing Morgan to spend 8 (YES EIGHT) non-stop hours studying for her Safe Boater's Certificate, she changed her mind. Of course she could have spent 14 hours in bed, or doing her nails... But Tom and I made a decision that THIS YEAR, is the year that Morgan learns how sail a sailboat and drive a power boat. First step was getting her Certificate. She was beaming with Pride as I picked her up - she had even called from class to tell me "I've PASSED!!!" I'm really proud of her and so is Tom! Morgan The Future Capt'n


Diana Troldahl said...


That is so fantastic!! ONe of Oscar;'s dreams is to sail again. He took a Barefoot cruise years ago, and got the bug!

Elle said...

That's pretty cool! Congrats to her.