Sunday, May 21, 2006

I is for...

  • Idol - AmerIcan Idol fever whIch hopefully wIll end next week
  • Idea - my head Is fIlled wIth far more then I wIll ever fInIsh
  • Igloo - how could people lIve In Ice cubes?
  • IllogIcal - everythIng needs to be thought out logIcally - I don't understand IllogIcal
  • IllumInated - the beautIful manuscrIpts of the Monks
  • ImagIne - one of my favorIte songs
  • ImpressIon - more Important than It used to be
  • IndIgo - a beautIful color
  • InformatIon - we can never have enough InformatIon
  • InfomercIal - how often have you bought somethIng at 3am?
  • Ink - Do you have a tattoo? I do
  • Instrument - I play a few poorly, my chIldren are much more musIcal than I wIll ever be
  • Interstate - I95 runs yards from our house
  • Iron - I love the metal and must have a dozen Irons for pressIng
  • Ivy - I love the way Ivy works It way up a buIldIng

1 comment:

Laume said...

you have a tattoo?!

and no, you don't have to think everything out logically - that would take FOREVER!