Tuesday, May 02, 2006

G is for...

  • Girlfriends - I couldn't survive without mine!
  • GadGet – I love GadGets – do you?
  • GooGle – how did we live without it?
  • Geodesic dome – I’d love to have my studio inside one but then I think I’d still have an issue with wall space!
  • Gravity – We all need to defy Gravity
  • Garnet - I used to have a Garnet rinG, I’d love to replace it.
  • GarGoyle - Always a little scary
  • Gelato - Italian taste of heaven
  • Ghost - I believe in Ghosts, but haven't seen any yet
  • GiGGle - RefreshinG to listen to younG Girls who can't stop GiGGlinG Gilt & Glitz - Sparkly shiny - so pretty
  • Glaze - In my other life when I was a painter, I used a lot of Glazes
  • Glass - especially Stained Glass - we saw beautiful Glass windows at the Winchester Mystery house
  • Goddess – She has been placed on a hiGher pedestal in recent years
  • God has stepped down a step or 2 - at least the orGanized reliGion part
  • Glutton - One of the 7 deadly sins - I suffer from
  • Grindstone - I've only seen one in action in Nantucket - it was powered by the wind (inside the windmill) – do you know what 3-Sheets to the Wind means?
  • Guacamole - Almost time for Cinco De Mayo
  • Gravy – not enouGh “G” foods
  • Games - I hate playinG Games
  • Grumpy - Don't bother me when I'm tired!
  • Grouch – Oscar was my favorite sesame street character
  • Gotta GO!!!! BYE

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