Monday, February 06, 2006

Pandora Needs To Pack!

Starting her travel at NJ Quilt Fest - she will be heading off next week, to her debut at the Mancuso Show. WHOO HOO! Of course this gives me a few days to add some finishing touches. So over the weekend I finish sewing the binding and sleeve to the back - and my fingers still ache - what was I thinking using a teeny tiny beading needle? Oh well its done and I am happy to have this chore behind me! The rhinestones were totally uncooperative. The self-glue would not attach itself to the quilt top, and even using Fabri-Tac didn't work - I let the stones dry on a sample overnight, but they easily plucked off the next morning. I'm guessing between the layers of tulle and Angelina - there just isn't anything stable to grab onto. I decided to add some beading where I would have added the rhinestones. I have number 6 and 8 sizes and think this should go pretty quickly - all things being relative! I guess I could try and do this with size 11 - well I'm not that nuts! I went out on Sunday and bought some buttons - OUCH - $15 each for a cording covered plastic base! But they look very good, if I do say so myself, and lets face it - I DO! I'll post some photos tomorrow of the buttons.

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Dianna in Maui said...

Maybe when Pandora comes home and if you are still set on the rhinestones, why not try the Bejeweler? You'd never think these funky "as seen on TV" things would work, but the jewels can be heat set with the little tool and they cant even be picked off! Aloha!