Saturday, February 18, 2006

Rising from the ashes

I have been home from work all week with the flu - normally being sick would suck but... It especially sucks because I am trying to make sure I am well enough to have a sinus operation on Mar 1, so I'm fully well and healed in time to travel in April. I know I'm getting better, but this damn thing is traveling around my body - sinus headache (no neti pot for me thanks), throat that feels like I'm gargling with glass, coughing up a lung and today's treat is nose which is acting like a broken hose. Deeep sigh through my mouth ! Anyway, Thursday night I decided that since Pandora was in the mail, that I needed a project to start - something that would be finished faster than the 2 years she took. I am involved in a swap with 4 people and we are doing an element block swap. I have fire and decided to do a phoenix. I drew out my design and on Friday I blew it up to 200% - My plan for the large quilt will be to make it as a single piece and then cut it apart - so that everyone gets a sample of the bird (light meat and dark)! After getting the design blown up - I thought - the small original image looked pretty good and was only 12" and there is that SPUN show which has a deadline of NEXT Friday and shit - that's a whole week away and its only 12" - how long could that take right?

So, I hope to rise from the ashes of this damn thing and find some new wings... Sounds like a goal I could live with!

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Anonymous said...

First, the quilt design is gorgeous! Second, I hope you started feeling better and were able to have your surgery. Get well soon!