Sunday, February 19, 2006


I decided the beads were too " regular" so they are gone - I like the sequins but someone please remind me that I don't ever want to do a large sequin project - those people who sew on sequins are nuts - its too much work - I am not talking about the kind on a spool that you attach with a cording foot - I'm talking about the gorgeous sequins from (sorry I had the wrong URL) they take friggin forever to sew on - the look wonderful but it would be easier/faster and less frustrating to do the entire thing in beads - and I'm not even going to consider doing that - the good news is this has become apparent before I commit to doing the entire body in sequins - I think I have just decided that my new stash of ultrasuede and some of the fancy fabrics I have might be better for my sanity~ I am totally undecided about what to do for a binding - any suggestions? Right now I'm leaning towards fused binding but I might go nuts and do lame! hahaha

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