Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 Greetings!

First and most importantly - let me wish all my friends a very Happy New Year. I hope your year is filled with Health, Love & Art! As we all know there is a cleansing that happens on Dec. 31/Jan 1. I had many things I wanted to accomplish this past year and I managed quite a few of them. My last "To Do" was to finish Pandora and have her entered in Fandangle Spangle. As much as I wanted this to happen - it isn't going to. First she was 10 inches too narrow (hard to believe but true). I figured a way around this but the time got away from me. Rather than come into the new year defeated, I've decided to use this as an opportunity to find other venues. There are quite a few and it feels good knowing that Pandora is almost ready to begin her travels. She is quilted - her face, hair, dress, sky - they are done. I need to experiment with adding rhinestones and then I'll add them. I also am going to bind her by making a frame. I have the fabric and am almost ready to start! Of course the next step will be to find a place large enough to hang her and still have room to step away, so that the photos aren't tweaked Did you make any resolutions? I cleared out many groups which I don't have time to participate in or that I have outgrown. I even closed down several that I ran. Of couse before you think that I'm being all virtuous and organized - I did join a few - too much temptation. One is all Deb's fault (I'll post my work tomorrow), she just seems to have too much fun joining art groups, I'm sure Deb's progress will be quite a bit more concentrated than mine will be - but I am willing to set my sights a little lower (no reason to fail right out of the gates).

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Deb R said...

Pandora looks gorgeous, Deirdre!

Will her size work to enter her in Paducah? Or is it too late? (I can't remember it the postmark deadline is today or Friday...if it's Friday you could still have time to do a digital entry)