Monday, January 16, 2006

Baby steps

Here is a picture of the Trimmed Quilt - I love the Laser cross-hair level Pamela - thank you so very much for the recommendation! I straightened the edges, sewed along the chalk line, cut outside the chalk line and rehung the lady. Tomorrow (maybe) I'll sew on the side borders - they have to be stuffed afterwards, so I want to make sure that the seams on the front are lined up right, after the sides, bottom and top can go on (with the hanging sleeve) and I should be almost ready to go! I am stumped about adding the rhinestones. I tried (on a scrap - because I'm not that dumb), and I was trying to put on 3 individual stones. These were on top of tulle and Angelina - 2 of the three are definitely melted and the 3rd is really marginal. So, do I call her done - or do I try another approach to get the stones on? I'll share some photos tomorrow of my attempts. Here is a new shot of Pandy taken pretty much straight on so the distortion is minimal.


Deb R said...

She looks lovely!!

Where are the rhinetones going?

Aeron said...

She is really incredible.