Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Journal Quilts

I have been meaning to get my Journal Quilts up since the Beginning of November! I keep forgetting to upload them when I'm in the studio. Here they are hanging (near Pamela Allen's) in Houston - thanks for sending me the photo Pamela! Detail shots follow for all but my self portrait - it's somewhere on my blog if you are really interested Ok - I have totally screwed up the layout - but the photos are here - mixed up but here. I started out doing my journals in an abstract style - but after a few months I decided that I really wanted them to be reflections of what I was doing during each of the months. February - Gates Snow and gray trees are dull backdrops for the Saffron Gates of Christo. The Bethesda Fountain wears her mantle of white while the brilliant orange sparkles through the trees. June – Face of Pandora The Spirits swirling around Pandora deceives us into thinking that they are benevolent. Too late we find that what appears innocent can be deadly.

July – Hope Glimmering golden in her hands, surely a little peek could not harm anyone. True Evil slinks towards the earth, about to destroy anything, which it comes into contact with. Would you consider Hope an Evil or a Gift? August – Self Portrait (not here) Sept – Cosmic Egg Deep in space is The Cosmic Egg. If you could see inside I think you would find a world of woman hurriedly making adjustments, planting, building and getting ready for the Big Bang!


Anonymous said...

You are so talented Deidre. Love the moon blocks as well. Happy Holidays! :-)

jenclair said...

My favorite is February - Gates! I'm one of those who adored them and would love to have seen them in person, but seeing them in fabric art is also wonderful.