Sunday, October 22, 2006

My mind is scattered like Autumn leaves

I have an idea for a small doll using shaker pegs and polymer faces. I think I got the idea because I have 200 or 300 pegs - one of my earliest eBay purchases, and not one I've ever used! Yesterday I asked Tom where my Dremel was - he wanted to know why I wanted it - well DUH - its mine... As I got the box and attachments out and started to bring it up to my studio - he told me not to go too far with it - HELLO - its MINE - the Dremel is now in MY STUDIO and hopefully it will stay there for a while. When I bought it - I learned that I should get a good one - a powerful plug in, and I even got the one with the flexible shaft attachments and the small rotary saw attachment. I've had it 3 years and the only thing that I ever used it for was to have TOM drill a hole in a dozen dominos. I used it to sand off the knob from a few shaker pegs. Then I was thinking how to attach some purchased faces I had - well I have about 8 lbs of Sculpty, so I decided to make my own faces and embed screws into them. The only real problem is you can't use torque to turn the screw - so I had to use a pair of pliers - I learned this when one of the heads exploded! The small doll isn't right yet, but I think I know what direction to take her in, and I really liked making the faces - I think I may use the large round one on a bendie doll - it is the perfect size for the face.... Great another PROJECT! LOL


Beadin' Gram said...

I'm giggling like crazy --- boy do I know the story of the Dremel -- just like here -- when I purchased it he kinda laughed and implied it was a waste of money -- HA HA -- over the last four years he has claimed it (I get to borrow it.) LOL

Clever idea using the pegs for dolls.

The Lone Beader said...

Interesting that we both mentioned a Dremel tool in our posts today. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for the link:)

Also, I just hole my thread in one hand, and bring the eye of the needle to the thread. Hope this helps!!

paula, the_quilter said...

Such a good idea! I had some of those pegs one time. I drilled a couple of small holes in them, then soaked them in some fabric dye and turned them into 'art' buttons for a jacket. Here's to repurposing! /paula

Brenda said...

Thanks for the link to the AQS gallery. I hadn't seen or heard about this contest until I read your blog.