Wednesday, August 30, 2006

U is for ...

..Another WordPlay post... U is for ...
  1. Umbrella - something I need today
  2. Ugly - not too many things are really ugly
  3. Uniform - I wore one until I was in 10th grade.
  4. Underwater - I love the way things look underwater, but I am not fond of actually being underwater, or in the water for that matter!
  5. Unique - great word - we should all strive to be unique!
  6. Upside down - as a young girl I loved swinging with my head hanging upside down. If I tried it now - I'm sure I would Throw UP!
  7. Ukulele - If I could play one instrument it would be this one! No kidding
  8. Upgrades - I'm all for upgrades whenever possible
  9. Unlocked - when I was young it was great leaving things unlocked - doesn't happen anymore
  10. Ultrasound - I have Ultrasound photos of both my children taken while pregnant.

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