Thursday, August 24, 2006

T is for ...

Continuing Laume's WordPlay... T is for...
  1. Thomas - My darling husband's name. He is actually the 4th in his family with this name.
  2. Tattoo - I've had a tattoo since I was 20!
  3. Tunes - I usually have a song in my head and if you are lucky that is where it will stay
  4. Toast - I like raisin bread toast with butter, or regular old white bread toast with jam
  5. Teasing - I tend to tease my children too much
  6. Tests - I was not a good student and tests were my downfall
  7. Temper - I am Irish and German - need I say more?
  8. Tense - my normal state
  9. Temperature - mine runs a little below normal
  10. Tropical - I love the colors, tastes and sounds of Tropical things - especially the little drinks with umbrellas
  11. Toes - yes I have several
  12. Travel - I've not done a lot but I love the adventure and romance of travel
  13. Tomatoes - I love them in the summer - fresh from the vine!
  14. Turkey - we have several who live on our property - Tom feeds them to keep them around, as we believe they eat ticks.
  15. Trees - I love looking at trees - and take a lot of photographs of them. Every part of the tree is enjoyable, I love looking at the leaves, bark, branches, twisted roots, seed pods, holes and the way the sun filters through all of them.
  16. Tent - not a place I would like to spend much time.
  17. Thunderbird Mocs - I love to wear moccasins year round.
  18. Thunder - I feel charged after a good old fashioned Thunderstorm!
  19. Twisted - the way I like my humor and friends
  20. Tequila - a favorite
  21. Tomorrow - the last day of our vacation - sniff sniff!

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