Saturday, August 12, 2006

S is for ...

  1. SLOOOOOOW - which seems to be the way I am working on my WordPlay list
  2. Singer Sewing Machines - I have a few...
  3. Sailboat - we used to have a large sailboat - which we sold to buy our property - I really miss that boat - even though I am not fond of the water
  4. Sage - an herb I use to clean and purify
  5. Salmon - Morgan and I love the pink fish
  6. Salt - I use too much, but love the taste - I even salt watermelon
  7. Sarcastic - I don't really know anything about sarcasm
  8. sapphire - Tom's birthstone
  9. Satellite - how we get TV service
  10. Saxophone - my youngest brother, Devin plays the sax
  11. Scale - not always my friend
  12. Scent - I prefer natural - especially since my breathing issues
  13. Sinus - where my breathing issues seem to localize
  14. Sea - Tom's first love
  15. Skiing - Adam was taken skiing when he was just 2 weeks old - he still seems to have it in his blood
  16. Shooting Star - I love looking at the night sky and find that August is often filled with shooting stars
  17. Sisters - I have 2, Megan and Ardath
  18. September - a month that includes many family member birthday's
  19. Small - the space we take in the universe
  20. Sloth - one of the 7 deadly sins - I possess this one - and also own the bracelet
  21. Smoke - something I have never done
  22. Snow - I love taking photographs of images covered with snow
  23. Solar energy - I would love to convert our home to solar - with the location we have I bet it would really help
  24. Sorrow - What my name means
  25. Snapdragon - a flower I love to look at! They always make me
  26. SMILE
  27. Spinach - I have always loved spinach - even when we ate that junk that came out of the can. It wasn't until I was an adult that I had fresh spinach - now I love to cook it in the mircowave in the bag!
  28. Shells - I wander watching my feet when we are at the beach - don't want to miss a perfect specimen - no matter how small!
  29. Spotless - a state you will never find my home in
  30. Stained glass - the first piece I made was a small light catcher - the 2nd piece was 40 inches tall and had tons of pieces in it!

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