Monday, November 27, 2006

Quilting post

Belated Happy Thanksgiving - I had a post all ready to write for Thanksgiving and I fell behind in things I needed to do. So I will publish that post later this week. I think it is always appropriate to say Thank You, and there are special Thanks needed to be said.... So that being postponed.... Here is my quilting post (no photos) I have a few deadlines, recently past and looming and this weekend I went to work and made a pretty big dent. I started off making 15 Fiber Artist Trading Cards - most are for a swap with other Artists, but I made a few extra's to tuck into holiday cards. I'm always amazed that even with doing this assembly-line style they take so long to make! How is is possible that a small business card sized piece each take 20 minutes or more? Well I'm sure that there is a reason and I'm glad that I multi-task when I sew. No my multi-tasking isn't causing me to delay (unless said task is checking email or IMing with friends). Mostly my task of choice is listening to audio books - I'm almost through with my 2nd book of the weekend - this one is pretty good - Cross by James Patterson. Before that I read New Orleans Mourning by Julie Smith - also a pretty good book. Back to quilting... After I finished the sewing on my cards I really wanted to find snowflake confetti or sequins which i was sure I had. I know I could just go out and buy some - but I am trying to use up my stuff - not just go out and buy more... Of course because it was a fiber card, I could also sew or bead but I had already put on the back and truth be told, I really wanted the sequins - so late last night I found large (quarter-sized) silver snowflake confetti in the bottom of a drawer, dug out the E600 and attached them. The cards look pretty good. My next project was making 2 heart blocks for a friend - I'm slightly behind in sending these out but they are going this morning so I'm pretty sure they can still be used. I hope she likes them My last task for the evening was to cut up large (14") squares of Christmas fabric and cut them into triangles. I cut enough to make four 60" square quilts. I will be pleased if I can make 1 or 2 holiday throws for family members, but maybe I'll be ambitious and make all 4! Hey a girl can dream can't she? My goal tonight is to sew all the triangle halves into squares and do some layouts - I had a plan, but not quite enough primarily white Holiday fabric, so I think I will adapt the blocks I have into another design. Again not wanting to buy more fabric and with a goal of using up as much of the stuff I already own. Time to get ready for work - I hope you all enjoyed the long Thanksgiving weekend and got at least some of (if not all) of what you wanted to accomplish done! I DID!

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Sarah said...

Whew! My goodness you've been busy!