Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bright Spots in week from Hell Part1

Last week was the week of our largest and most important meeting at work (day job). This year was filled with technical hurdles which we should have been able to jump easily, but unfortunately a subcontracted failed miserably (IMHO). I'm not going to say anything else about the meeting. However, I was treated wonderfully by the hotel where the meeting was held, if you ever have a chance to stay at The Millennium Broadway (feet from Times Square) Jump and say yes! The rooms are richly appointed, the staff was superior and everything was beyond my expectations. Special thanks go to Eunice and Lynda for making our meeting and stay wonderful! This was the view from my room - I was a little down from Time Square and was treated to a view of this oasis, can you see the glider complete with plush pillows on that rooftop? I took a quick stop to meet a business acquaintance that I've been doing business with for more than 10 years! Robert is the catering director of The Warwick and he treated me to a quick tour of the facilities, and gifted me with a very special bottle of champagne! Walking back I wanted to take photos of the Rockefeller tree which was covered in scaffolding, the tree once belonged to a friend of Julie (who I work with), and came from Ridgefield, CT. Here is a photo from the front - showing the size in comparison with the skaters. Walking down the street I saw a window that reminds me of Laume. She often uses quotes from Le Petit Prince as her tagline. They were working on the windows across the street and here is a pciture of somone under the draping - people were trying to peek in. I guess I'll have to go back to see the windows after they've been uncovered! Blogger is being a pain - I'll finish this in the next post!

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Martha Marshall said...

I experienced the Big Apple for the first time Thanksgiving weekend! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Thanks for the link. That is so nice of you. Your link is on my blog now! I'm enjoying your blog.